Paul Littlejohn

Paul Littlejohn, the founder of Wingman Executive, has navigated a remarkable 30-year journey from being a Royal Air Force fighter pilot, to a management consultant, and eventually leading large, diverse teams in multinational corporations. His path, defined by high-stakes decision-making and strategic leadership, exemplifies the perfect blend of military precision and corporate acumen. 

In the cockpit, Paul mastered decision-making skills under extreme pressure, epitomizing agility and resilience. These qualities seamlessly transitioned into his corporate career, where he played pivotal roles at Emirates Group, Meeting Point International, and PA Consulting. There, Paul was instrumental in driving operational efficiencies, upholding stringent governance, and seamlessly integrating technology into business processes. 

A signature aspect of Paul's approach is the innovative application of his fighter pilot training to management principles. This unique perspective has empowered him to navigate organizations through crises and complexities, yielding results that resonate at all organizational levels. His leadership style is distinguished by its adaptability, recognizing the unique nature of each challenge and individual. 

As a leadership consultant, Paul is not just a mentor and strategist; he is a visionary problem solver and guide. Drawing upon his diverse experiences, he assists senior leaders in enhancing operational performance and profitability, inspiring them to uncover innovative solutions and explore untapped opportunities.



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