Mario Peshev

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO, Business Advisor at DevriX

CEO of DevriX and Growth Shuttle, Mario Peshev helps SMEs scale digitally to 500,000,000 monthly views. He advises executives and senior managers on operations, martech, management, recruitment and business strategy.


Business News

5 Business Predictions for 2023 Following the Downward Spiral in Tech

The most prominent tech titans announced tens of thousands of layoffs this year. With markets down over 30%, what's next in 2023, and how do we prepare for the recession?


Por qué 2022 tiene que ver con la comunicación asíncrona

Siete formas de incorporar más trabajo asincrónico a tu vida.


Why 2022 Is All About Asynchronous Communication

Seven ways to incorporate more asynchronous work into your life.

Growing a Business

How to Recruit Talent That Has the 'Agency Bug'

Grow your team effectively by looking for the right traits.


Cómo reclutar talento que tiene el 'error de agencia'

Haga crecer su equipo de manera efectiva buscando los rasgos correctos.

Growing a Business

6 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression During Business Outreach

Cold calling is not for everyone -- and that's where automated outreach comes in. But what is the impact on your brand?

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