Robert McGovern

Digital Strategist, Horizontal Integration Dubai

Robert McGovern is a Digital Strategist at Horizontal Integration Dubai. He is passionate about the intersection between technology and creative marketing, and has been living in Dubai since 2011.


Growth Strategies

It's Time To Push Back Against Distraction

Indistractable author Nir Eyal on how to stand up against an onslaught of connectivity.

Social Media

Rethink Your Relationship With Your Phone

Our reliance on our devices, and the feeling of round-the-clock connectedness, can impair our ability to concentrate, think creatively, interact in a social setting, and can even take a toll on our mental health.


Five Key Aspects SMEs Should Consider For Their Digital Strategy In The Middle East

The opportunities for SMEs to utilise the growing opportunities that digital platforms and tech-savvy consumers offers are immense.

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