Salma El-Shurafa & Veronique Ademar

Founder and Partner, The Pathway Project

Salma El-Shurafa (Founder) and Veronique Ademar, drawing on over 20 years of combined experience, are Executive Coaches and Partners at The Pathway Project (TPP). TPP provides tailored executive leadership and career development coaching to professionals who are navigating the dynamics of the global UAE market. They have worked with a wide variety of individuals in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, ranging from directors and managers at Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs, across industries, and other professionals.



Diversity Matters: Defining (And Developing) Your Cultural Quotient

In an increasingly globalized environment with companies wondering how to make diversity work and redefining its actual meaning on a yearly basis, creating a setting that encompasses diversity and harmony is far from easy.


Finding Your Path To Success: Start By Defining Your Goals

As coaches, we have the daily privilege of not only meeting people from a huge array of backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and even walks of life, but we also have a unique opportunity of really understanding what makes this great variety of human beings tick.

Growth Strategies

Yes, You Can Do Better: Re-evaluating The Approach To Performance Management

In any company, ensuring that goals are captured, measured and periodically evaluated is a critical exercise to manage performance and outcomes.

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