Tanaz Dizadji

Tanaz Dizadji, founder and CEO, Insydo and Brand Ripplr

Tanaz Dizadji is the founder and CEO of insydo, a search-centric city guide that provides people with curated recommendations, and has gained a following of over 500,000+ unique visitors per month since its launch in January 2016. The content platform has been awarded considerable recognition in the UAE for its fresh approach to video content and branded storytelling in the past two years.

In September 2017, Tanaz launched her second venture, Brand Ripplr, a micro-influencer marketplace for the Middle East. The tech platform has already received considerable investment from OLN and is set to stir the region’s advertising sector with its innovative solution to a key industry problem. The platform, which automates and streamlines the entire influencer marketing process for the MENA region, was listed as a favorited startup at Web Summit 2017– just a few weeks after its inception and launch.

Graduating with a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of Warwick, Tanaz started her career as a chartered accountant in investment management at PwC in London.  Before delving into the world of technology, Tanaz was the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Omnicom Media Group and led philanthropic and artistic projects for the Elephant Parade and START. It was here that she gained considerable marketing experience and built up her leadership expertise before branching out to build her own startup portfolio.

Tanaz’s agility, foresight and reactionary approach to global transformations in the media world has led to the success of two disruptive digital media platforms that have made a regional impact and won leadership recognition at award ceremonies, conferences and in leading business publications.

Known for her industry success, Tanaz is proactive in her approach to playing a key role in the startup world and in growing the UAE’s thriving entrepreneurial community.  She regularly speaks at events, and imparts her industry knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship events and personal coaching.



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