The Team is a UAE based information design agency that uses your data to design compelling visuals your audience can understand. Core services include infographics, motion graphic videos, data visualizations, reports and presentation design.
MasterCard, Mercedes Benz, TED Institute, WIRED UK, Reebok, BMW Foundation, and Dubai Prime Minister’s Office are some of the notable brands & companies has designed for.


Growth Strategies

Infographic: The Sharing Economy

While the sharing economy has been widely used in the past two years, it's an economic term that has existed since 2010.


Infographic: The Gaming Industry

Recent innovations and advancements in technology have all contributed to the enhancement of the video game experience.


Infographic: Big Data- The Hype And The Reality

The rise of social media platforms, the internet of things and multimedia has led to a record rate of data creation.

Growth Strategies

Infographic: The Tide Turns For Women In Tech

Although the gender imbalances are still very much present today, the tide seems to have turned in favor of women, with a growing number of initiatives which are focused on closing the gap.


Infographic: Elon Musk - Profile Of A Prolific Entrepreneur

In a recent survey conducted on 700+ startup founders in the US, 23% agreed that Musk is Silicon Valley's most inspiring entrepreneur, ahead of Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.

News and Trends

Infographic: The Growth Of Entrepreneurship Around The Globe

In today's complex economic environment, entrepreneurship and innovation have been key in establishing a new status quo that shies away from the Pareto efficiency model.

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