Yasmine Morrisson


Yasmine Morrisson is an early-stage investor, global citizen, and Teaching Fellow at Harvard. She writes about startups, the future of work, culture, and things in between. She is currently based between New York City and Miami. 



Growth Strategies

The Cycle Of Care In The Age Of Centenarians

We can expect to see changes throughout the care economy in the future, and we especially need to see those changes reflected in new approaches to early childhood, education, worklife, and retirement.


Brace For Impact: It's Time To Usher In The Metaverse

The metaverse is poised to usher in some major changes to the way we all live. It will shift our whole relationship with the material world, from our sense of borders to our attitude toward wealth.

Growth Strategies

Jobs 3.0: How You Can Prepare For The Future Of Work

I've spent the past five years studying the future of work, and I've come to believe that each and every one of us has to rethink our careers in order to adjust to the new work space, or what I call Jobs 3.0.

Growth Strategies

Five Things Every Company Should Be Doing In 2021

As an entrepreneur, you need to put strategies in place to adjust to the new normal.

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