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Micropolis Robotics Micropolis Robotics is an enterprise that is known for automating and augmenting large operations through robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Micropolis Digital Development

Micropolis Robotics is known to revolutionize large-scale operations across various industries through cutting-edge home-grown technologies and innovation. Its product portfolio encompasses two core components: mobility platforms and application-specific pods, including intuitive operating software and advanced electronic control units, as well as power storage solutions. The company is dedicated to innovation and quality, and by focusing on continuous improvement and customer-centric design, it ensures that its products meet and exceed the evolving demands of the modern industry. The company's unique value proposition lies in its commitment to creating autonomous solutions that not only automate tasks, but significantly augment the efficiency and effectiveness of large operations. The robots are therefore designed to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, providing a smart, scalable, and sustainable solution for complex challenges in automation.

  • FOUNDED IN: 2014

"We are at the forefront of UAE's digital transformation, aligning with the nation's vision and objectives. Our in-house developed autonomous mobile robots are redefining sectors like logistics and public service by driving operational efficiency and scalability. Tailored solutions cater to diverse industry needs, spurring sector-specific growth, and targeting large markets worldwide. Collaborative research and development projects also promote knowledge transfer and skill development, cementing the UAE's innovation and tech leader position. In essence, Micropolis isn't just a tech enterprise, it's a catalyst for the UAE's sustainable economic evolution."

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