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Picture Ready: UAE Startup Kapturise Is Here For All Your Photography Needs Founder and CEO Habeeb Furqan aims to streamline the entire photography process for an informal and simple experience with his venture Kapturise, an on-demand photography app for your personal and business needs.

By Pamella de Leon Edited by Aby Thomas

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Kapturise founder and CEO Habeeb Furqan

From scouring through the internet and one's network to find the right photographer, to discussing package rates and delivery processes, getting your pictures professionally done, whether it's for personal or business purposes, can be a long process. Founder and CEO Habeeb Furqan aims to streamline the entire photography process for an informal and simple experience with his venture Kapturise, an on-demand photography app for your personal and business needs.

Available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on its web platform, Furqan aims to bridge the gap between professional photographers and businesses and individuals by making the process fluid, accessible, affordable and on-demand. Kapturise promises to customers that it can schedule impromptu and instant photoshoots with a vetted professional photographer for any variety of shoots. "Whether you are an individual or a business, Kapturise, helps in building your brand identity with high quality visuals in order to bring your creative vision to life," says Furqan.

Source: Kapturise

Kapturise aims to solve three main issues experienced by individuals, businesses, and photographers. Furqan says that individuals would only consider hiring professional photographers for special occasions, which could turn to an arduous and time-consuming task. Using the platform, people can book professionals in a few minutes and schedule shoots other than events and occasions, such as vlogs, corporate headshots, and even TikTok content at any location. The startup promises a turnaround time for the delivery of the content in under 48 hours.

Businesses can access a range of photographers on-demand, without relying on a full-time in-house photographer and investing in expensive equipment or transportation cost to the location of a shoot. Furqan says, "Think of a real estate company with its headquarters in Dubai, having to send their in-house photographer to Ras Al Khaimah to shoot a property to list on their portal or even multiple properties in Dubai itself." Besides larger companies, Furqan points out how the app can also be utilized by SMEs across various sectors who lack the expertise and resources, from product shoots for e-commerce brands, or food photography for restaurants. Prices are offered per shoot, or on a subscription-based model, with a promise of well-vetted professionals with strict turnaround time for the delivery of content.

Source: Kapturise

As for photographers, they have their own list of common challenges, ranging from inconsistent flow of assignments, lack of briefs, lack of knowledge about commercial contracts and negotiations, and most importantly, having to chase clients with invoices post the shoot. With Kapturise, Furqan says they can help photographers receive on-demand and scheduled projects, since they act as the middleman to handle the administrative and necessary tasks.

Launched only in September of this year, the process of vetting photographers and videographers begun months prior to the official launch. With a target to serve both the B2C and B2B market, the team took their time to talk and listen to photographers, businesses, individuals and other focus groups to look at common issues and validate the venture's offerings. They kept in mind their own hurdles as consumers as well as the results from their market research and focus group, and thus, developed a high-tech and user-friendly product for users.

Source: Kapturise
It's noteworthy to mention that originally, the startup was set to launch in March but had to postpone due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furqan and his team utilized this time to focus on further enhancing the platform's tech and introduce features that they had initially planned to roll out in the next version. And so far, the hard work seems to be worth it. Currently, the platform has more 400 photographers. They're also getting traction from businesses keen to offer Kapturise's services to their customers, "We have finalized a partnership with a very well-known ticket and hotel booking platform that we will be announcing shortly."

For Furqan, the end goal is to become the go-to player for all content creation requirements. At the moment, they are focusing on "breaking down each business vertical" and introducing their services. They will also be leveraging partnerships in the pipeline to grow their client base and onboard new partners to offer their services to. The team has an aggressive plan to expand their geographical footprint globally. "Kapturise is all about creating an experience and capturing moments; our marketing initiatives will embody this vision, while educating our target audience of the benefits and the experiences of Kapturise."

Habeeb Furqan, founder and CEO, Kapturise

What are your tips to fellow entrepreneurs trying to navigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis?

1. Let your disadvantage work in your favor "As the world is being tested in these unprecedented times, it is very crucial for you as an entrepreneur to assess your venture and come to terms with what features you need to introduce or changes you need to make to your existing business model to ensure the demand of your product and services. As an example, a lot of businesses were forced to expedite digitization of their processes that they had procrastinated on for years."

2. Stay away from the naysayers "It is very important to surround yourself with people that empower you and believe in your vision and help offer productive advice to elevate you and your business model towards success."

3. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer "Do not sell or offer a service that you would not buy yourself. Always try to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and think of ways of improving and enhancing the existing processes. Get constant feedback from your customers about what you can offer as a business to ensure business continuity."

What should entrepreneurs keep in mind when starting up a business in Middle East?

"The Middle East startup scene is extremely competitive. The low entry barrier to the region offers a very lucrative and attractive launch pad for startups. The Middle East has transformed itself into a global hub of innovation giving birth to existing and future unicorns. The consumer base in the region is constantly on the lookout for new innovative products and services that can help make their life easier and solve a real problem. Entrepreneurs looking at the Middle East as their startup location need to ensure that they understand the local consumer mindset and have done a thorough market research to ensure a product fit. Make sure to understand the ecosystem of the different Emirates, the types of licenses (mainland/free zone), the visa quota and office space requirements and the tax and legal laws of the country. It is advisable to ensure that you can find a mentor who is able to guide you in the right direction. Focus on strengthening your product, process and the people behind the venture."

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