What Investors Look For When Evaluating Your Pitch: Sonia Weymuller The co-founder of VentureSouq lists what she looks for when evaluating a startup's pitch.

By Sonia Weymuller

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When evaluating any investment there are many things to look for, but I can divide them into the following key categories:

1. The Product.

Am I convinced the product solves a problem? Can the product be monetized? What are the strengths/weaknesses to consider? What is the plan to scale?

2. The Market.

Is there a market for the product, if so, how big is it? What is the competitive landscape? How is this product offering different? What is their competitive advantage?

3. The Team.

Does the team have the adequate experience, expertise and passion to drive the company forward- do they knock our socks off? Do they understand the potential challenges associated with the business model? Do they have the vision to pivot when necessary to adapt to changing market conditions?

4. The Financials.

Do the financials demonstrate a viable revenue model in the long-term? Are the projections and assumptions made realistic ones? Does the team fully grasp their financial model and forecast?

5. Contribution.

Can VentureSouq support the business outside of capital injection via its own expertise and network, and if so, how? Who are the other stakeholders with a vested interest in the company (advisors, investors)?

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Sonia Weymuller

Founding Partner, VentureSouq

Sonia Weymuller is a Founding Partner of VentureSouq. Previously, she headed Advertising Sales for Turner Broadcasting’s portfolio of children’s platforms across MENA. Prior to Turner, Sonia worked with Viacom’s Emerging Markets’ Strategy Group and Microsoft’s Strategy and M&A team in London. She is a Charter Member and Board Director for TiE's Dubai chapter, serves as the UAE Director for the Yale Alumni Schools Committee, and is a Board Member and Mentor for e7 Daughters of the Emirates. Sonia holds a B.A. from Yale University, a MSc from the London School of Economics, and is a Kauffman Fellow.

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