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Bringing Repeat Clients To The Table: Coya Dubai Masters The Guest List Coya Dubai's strategy for fostering a loyal, repeat clientele who appreciate service and personalization.

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Coya Dubai
Coya Dubai Private Members' Club

Companies need to find routes of innovation when competition is fierce. enterprises looking to set apart their service and product offerings have to bring something to the table that isn't readily available- if they're going to gain market share. The F&B industry demands that, and sometimes it just isn't enough to put forward innovative cuisine and interesting interiors. Coya Dubai, with a well-received Peruvian-inspired menu and an eye-catching design schema, has both factors working in their favor, but they've upped the ante with their prive? Members-only dining room. CEO of Coya Worldwide, Adam Bel Hadj, says that the Dubai Outlet's Private Members' Club is more about fostering a loyal, repeat clientele who appreciate service and personalization, and less about the glam factor that the word "private" suggests.

"The program was initiated in London as we felt that there was a gap in the market to offer a bespoke experience between the old-fashioned clubs and the commercial clubs. We were after the fun and classy crowd that seeks quality rather than quantity, and that simply wanted to belong to a place that could provide a truly personalized experience where they are completely at ease but still catered to with an elevated standard of service," explains the CEO.

That elevated standard of service at Coya Dubai, Private Members' Club included, is also about creating a backbone for the business. Sustainability is a huge issue for hospitality ventures, and freshly-launched outlets need to ensure that they aren't the new and hot venue that becomes a short-term fad. "Repeat guest ratio is a core focus towards longevity for many restaurant businesses. Dubai residents appreciate the attention to detail and service we provide in the members lounge. The private bar, music, culture and art are all part of the intrigue that affords us the opportunity to welcome the guests back time and time again. We have much to offer at Coya with three totally different areas of which the member's lounge is a part of, so guests can continue to return and have a completely different experience every time and when they wish," says Bel Hadj. He adds that they didn't set out to create a niche environment, as inclusivity is another key for hospitality ventures that hope to stay the course. "We created and rolled out a concept that was both classy and fun, a social environment with great service, cuisine, music, culture and art. People thrive and appreciate this kind of atmosphere, which later carries on word of mouth."

Coya Dubai Private Members' Club

And as leaders across industries agree, one of the most basic rules of business is that positive word of mouth can send you droves of clients no matter your sector, while negative word of mouth can see you shuttering your doors in under six months. "Word of mouth also played a role [in onboarding members], and now we are approached for membership applications versus us selling the idea. It was also never our aim to "sell,' but [instead] invite those we felt would appreciate and understand the Coya vision and simply treat us like a home away from home."

The home away from home at Coya Dubai comes with a dedicated reservations number, priority seating and booking arrangements, and finally, access to the private dining lounge with up to three guests. The membership fee is yearly, and the initial guests that were invited to join included Coya's U.K. members who were already familiar with the program. Clients of Coya's London location may find things slightly different here, as the brand did localize for the market- another strategy that businesses, irrespective of sector, need to remember to put in place. "We have made some adaptations to each of our local markets with the products that we offer and what is available for the client. For example, in Dubai we have tweaked the menu slightly to ensure that the ingredients we use are of the freshest quality and more fittingly suit the palate of the region. It is important to us that all aspects of the concept are present in all locations worldwide- at the best level we are able to offer them to our clients."

Hospitality brands now need to create experiences to really leave a lasting impression. Coya Dubai's Private Members' Club weaves cultural aspects into their business model by introducing concept-appropriate art and music to the venue. In tandem with an exhibit at Opera Gallery in Antonio Segui's works were showcased in the private dining lounge, allowing members a personal moment to admire the globally renowned paintings. "As part of our multi-dimensional concept, we also touch on all the senses, which is unique. The art, music and culture, and genuine hospitality are what shapes the Coya mission to cater to not only the prestige client, but introduce all clients to a truly new and different experience."

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