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Five Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing A Workspace Solution Traditional office space is slowly becoming a business requirement of the past and entrepreneurs are looking for co-workspaces that enable business growth and sustainability.

By Vassilis Bazinis

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The world is witnessing the birth of a workspace revolution that is disrupting the way entire industries are operating. It's creating competitive advantage, reducing operational costs and helping to attract and retain talent. As a result, traditional office space is slowly becoming a business requirement of the past and entrepreneurs are looking for co-workspaces that enable business growth and sustainability.

A workspace that matches your changing business requirements
With office space being the biggest capital expense for companies, business leaders today –whether startup entrepreneurs or CEOs of corporations– are re-looking at their options. Not being locked into a long-term lease for expensive office space is the first way to keep capital expenditure to a minimum. Finding a workspace that gives you the flexibility to expand or contract your office space requirements almost immediately is a smart solution. Not only does this mean more efficient management of your operational costs, it also means minimal disruption and an environment that maximizes productivity.

Collaborative spaces are also becoming increasingly popular and are often used by startups and micro businesses. They offer individual workstations within an open-plan, professional business environment that also helps to foster creativity and innovation in a dynamic entrepreneurial environment.

A workspace that enables you to operate globally
Entrepreneurs of today must think globally and the right choice of co-working space can make this immediate. With workspace solutions providers that offer real global reach, you get access to a global network that allows you to work remotely and connect with businesses from around the world. Check that you have access to meeting rooms and additional facilities when visiting other cities and countries.

Ensure that you are also checking the additional benefits you are entitled to, such as booking your office place via a smartphone app, and whether you still receive the same level of admin support wherever you are.

A workspace with the best infrastructure
A major challenge for entrepreneurs is using their time as productively as possible. Look for a comfortable, well-equipped co-working space that can provide administrative and operating support services to save you time and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

A workspace with the right office address
Proximity to central business districts, a good address for your business card and an office with ease of access for you, your staff and clients is important. Your office address is an important factor in the way your business is perceived. Being located in a central business district or sector specific area within a city adds instant credibility to your business for your clients and your market positioning.

A workspace that supports your business growth
As an entrepreneur, you don't always know how fast you're going to expand and how much space you'll need. Investing in too large a space too early can prove unnecessarily costly, while taking too little and having to move offices too quickly adds just as much additional strain. Workplace solutions offered by companies like Regus allow you to scale your workspace requirements almost immediately, with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

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Vassilis Bazinis

Country Manager UAE at Regus

Vassilis Bazinis is the Country Manager UAE at Regus
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