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Five Ways To Inspire Your Team For A Successful 2017 As a result, your actions and behavior determine your team's success. Here are five ways to inspire your team in 2017.

By Mike Hoff

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The importance of bringing a team together to work hand-in-hand with each other is something that is often talked about but rarely implemented. Strong leadership is one of the elements that will ensure a team stays together and continues to be efficient. By developing good leadership skills, you will avoid issues such as high staff turnover, micromanagement, conflict in the workplace, and low productivity. As a result, your actions and behavior determine your team's success. Here are five ways to inspire your team in 2017:

1. Empower

Nobody likes to be micromanaged or left feeling like they are not good enough to do a certain task. Empowering your team is a solid strategy to keep them motivated and can also help identify key strengths that can be used for the greater good. In the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 66% of millennial employees said they would not be in their current job by 2020, with 71% putting this down to their dissatisfaction at how their leadership skills are being developed. Take time to see how you can develop each member's skillset and show that his or her professional development really matters to you and to the company.

2. Recognize and reward

In the same survey, 50% of male and 48% of female respondents said they felt they were being overlooked for potential leadership positions. This can really affect how productive employees are in their teams, as they may start to feel disheartened and demotivated if they know a promotion isn't in the pipeline. Take time to recognize your team members' efforts, and acknowledge and reward their achievements. A 2015 study by HR firm, O.C. Tanner Co., in Harvard Business Review showed that a new leader can instantly boost employee job satisfaction by 31% just by recognizing those who have never received any appreciation from their leaders.

3. Prioritize and listen

As a leader, your number one priority is to look after the needs of your employees. If you see that certain members are struggling or unhappy, it is your responsibility to help change this, looking at what their issues are and how they can be addressed. The team always needs to come first, and when employees feel this care and support network, they are more likely to feel at ease within the organization.

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4. Invest and engage

According to a 2016 study by Shift Disruptive Learning, one in three employees leave their organization because they are not engaged. By inspiring your team, investing in training, and creating engaging opportunities to learn, they are more likely to perform better and strive for excellence. More importantly, make sure it's the right training by linking it to an objective, whether that's a one-on-one business coach or a group training session on customer service.

5. Communicate and connect

Teams start to fall apart when members stop communicating effectively. Communication is at the heart of good teamwork, and there are various ways to facilitate this. Organize weekly meetings or regular team building exercises that stimulate communication and encourage people to speak up for what they believe in. Every team member should have a voice, and as a leader you can provide an environment that encourages confidence, growth, and happiness in the workplace.

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Mike Hoff

CEO of MHC Consulting and Regional Group Manager of The Alpha Group

Mike Hoff is CEO of MHC Consulting and Regional Group Manager of The Alpha Group. 

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