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Innovation Needs To Be Driven With The Intention Of Enabling Social Good What is the societal impact for our technological future?

By Ramsay Rankoussi

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What is the societal impact for our technological future?

One could wonder if the boundary once separating science fiction from reality has faded away recently, as the fruits of our early imagination have eventually led the way we now live or envision to live.

Looking at the future is allowing ourselves to project what would be the next possibilities, and defining limits further away than we ever thought before. However, our future should be dictated by the constant need for improvement and to impact society positively- beyond the frame or benefits of enterprise, but rather focus on the growth of our own development as human kind.

Technology has brought rapid acceleration of productivity and intelligence- measuring every effort, computing the optimum output for every input, but have we yet identified the direction of our social behaviors beyond consumerism?

I can only applaud when the priority of innovation is driven by the intention of creating social good, as this can be the only measure of our legacy.

We all have dreams and it is the dream of a few or of all collectively that has brought us to achieve new goals, reach new frontiers and discover new horizons. The ultimate dream of humanity if to be concluded could be defined as the enjoyment we have in every interaction we encounter, be it with people, with materiality, with nature, and even with silence- to put it simply, "happiness."

So, when I heard the initiative of introducing a new index of measuring the level of happiness of the UAE and its residents, I knew this was a demonstration of the sincerest degree of leadership, but I knew I was also living in the right country to learn from and grow out of.

If the public sector can now implement that line of conduct, is it not our responsibility privately to do the same, and contribute equally to our fair share of smiles, gratitude, and appreciation?

So, if one is to ask what is the focus of the future, the most honest answer can only be the pursuit of happiness. This pursuit will contribute to new achievements like technological improvements; positive corporate culture across all sectors favoring work-life balance; good healthcare accessible to all further increasing life longevity and the constant sharing of knowledge without limits or restrictions among so many other elements of progress. All of those are consequential benefits to a much bigger priority.

Therefore, in conclusion, quoting Every Moment Matters might then sound as the most pragmatic approach to seek the success of our innermost and most inspiring objective, which has now been our guiding principle and deepest company philosophy at Radisson Hotel Group, and which certainly reflects the focus and priority of our future, individually and collectively to all of us.

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Ramsay Rankoussi

VP of Business Development - Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, Radisson Hotel Group

Ramsay Rankoussi is Vice President of Business Development- Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, Radisson Hotel Group. Based in Dubai, Ramsay looks after the group’s strategic growth across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey and reports directly to the Chief Development Officer. Tasked with increasing the group’s regional hotel portfolio and footprint, Ramsay is an expert deal maker, leading transactions from sourcing through to execution.
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