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Public Speaking Tips: Three Ways To Capture Your Audience Speakers, leave no room for hope or luck, and this is how you can do it.

By Shoug Al Nafisi

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All speakers come with the common objectives of conveying their messages effectively, keeping the audience engaged, and (hopefully) having their listeners retain key points. They're not the speakers I'd want to hear. You, my speaker, leave no room for hope or luck, and this is how you do it.

Yes, you probably do the regular homework and ask about the audience's demographics; but you also go the extra mile and you manage to leave no room for misunderstanding. You see, the audience comes in with preconceived ideas, but you're already aware of that. Taking that into consideration, how well you get your message across determines your credibility and effectiveness. The magic? Relating their interests to your talk, and still managing to make your point.

Leaving no room for loose ends, you manage to play the field and go back to your subject very smoothly. It takes your credibility to another level predicting the questions your audience may have in mind. Better yet, you incorporate the questions asked into your talk, and use them the next time around. This way you guarantee never missing out on audience-generated ideas. Your talk is always richer when you're one step ahead.

It's key that you set an inviting tone at the beginning of your talk, getting your listeners on board for the entire time. One of the most basic requirements to convey a message completely is to have the least amount of distraction possible, the first of which would be to lose the language bar- rier. Whether it's a matter of science, tech, or any profession, you tailor the words to be familiar to your audience. That being said, it's always appreciated when things are put in the simplest of terms, leaving more room to think of the subject at hand. In other words, your stage is a display of your credentials, just not a display of your vocab and mastery of industry jargon.

A nutritionist, and public health advocate, Shoug Al Nafisi has worked in domains that ranged between community nutrition, emergency relief, and social media. A humanitarian at heart, she works to promote her firm belief in the wellness of the human being as a powerful and productive entity within the community. As a writer, she has co-authored a scientific publication, and has many writings as a contributor and guest blogger covering topics such as wellness, productivity, and empowerment.

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