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The Time To Improve On Excellence Is Now: Pushing Media-Management To The Next Level According to Sami Al Mufleh, Dubai will astonish the whole world with its presentation and strategy for Expo 2020.

By Sami Al Mufleh

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On the 27th of November, every person in the UAE (both locals and expats) was anxious, eagerly waiting for the results that were to be announced that night. I turned on Dubai TV and settled down to watch the discussions and interviews before the vote. The first round of voting that evening indicated that Dubai had scored higher than the other three cities by far. At that moment my heart skipped a beat and I knew that Dubai would ultimately win the bid. An hour later it was announced and I was overcome with happiness- this win is an amazing achievement; it is positive news for every person living and working in the United Arab Emirates. Expo 2020 will take Dubai and the UAE to the next level of success and growth in every respect- primarily that of a burgeoning economy and a buzzing business sector location strongly supports the campaign; our two highly efficient airports are perfectly suited to welcome the 25 million visitors expected during the six months of the Expo 2020. With over 200 nationalities calling the city home, Dubai already unites people and cultures from across the globe. Dubai hopes to use the platform of the Expo to unite boundaries of nationality and forward progress.

Dubai's advantageous geographical location strongly supports the campaign; our two highly efficient airports are perfectly suited to welcome the 25 million visitors expected during the six months of the Expo 2020. With over 200 nationalities calling the city home, Dubai already unites people and cultures from across the globe. Dubai hopes to use the platform of the Expo to unite boundaries of nationality and forward progress.

From its origins in 1971 to the present day, UAE has expanded at an exponential rate to its current population of more than 8.26 million, with 65% of that growth having occurred in the past four years alone. Through this country's development, the rising of one nation with one vision was and is still apparent. The UAE itself (not exclusive to Dubai) demonstrated how they value the importance of a united people. The founding fathers of the UAE showed the world that while there are many powerful individuals, it is only by working together that the nation will really advance. After two decades of living and working in this country, I can proudly say that I have been able to develop my professional dreams in the framework that Dubai has provided.

The founding fathers of the UAE highlight the importance of investing in education and the continuous development in the minds of the young. New technological innovations will be showcased during the exhibition, and some of these will support the education and economic sectors as part of the knowledge-based economy, sought after by all countries through integration of telecom and information into education. This win will lead to the implementation of many infrastructure projects in preparation to provide the best to visitors, in addition to those offered by airlines and the planned airport expansions. Projects worth 25 billion dirham are expected to be implemented in Dubai over the next six years. The gains will also come from further investments in infrastructure and the footfall of 25 million visitors to the exhibition, including 19 million from abroad during the six months of events and activities. This mammoth direction will reflect positively on the country's overall economy with the most significant benefits in infrastructure, tourism, transport, technology, financial, and property sectors. Hosting the event will also jumpstart the already good employment rates, creating an outstanding 277,000 jobs of which 50,000 are slotted permanently.

I have seen all of the ambitious projects become a tangible reality, and I assure that the leaders of this nation could not have done it without its people. When you have such a big mechanism operating by your side as one nation filled with intelligence, ethics, and mutual respect, as an entrepreneur, faith gives you the power and strength to go big -beyond and above your opportunities- and thisis when innovation and creativity really kick in. So "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" is something that has been already done with the country's operational ethos, and now in light of the Expo winning bid, we go global.

I am originally Jordanian, but I have always felt that it was a smart move to set up my professional career in Dubai over 20 years ago. Back then, Dubai was only a project in the making and professionals didn't want to risk it- they're feared investing in a project that wasn't matured as yet. My educational background as a civil engineer with a master's degree in Business Management gave me the completed vision of my current endeavor, Out of Home (OOH). I was able to create and direct both the commercial and management knowledge in addition to the technical side. OOH media is more than just a medium- I consider it a beautification project that enhances the city. With all the technological innovations Expo 2020 will bring us, I am looking forward to see where it will take us in terms of OOH.

As the capital of excellence, Dubai will astonish the whole world not only for the quality of the Expo itself, but also for the strategy that surrounds the project before and after the event. We will be remembered for "connecting minds, connecting people", and we're fortunate enough to experience the reality of it first-hand. As a media owner, I am currently investing in improving our standards and diversifying with new businesses related to media solutions. In terms of exposure, Dubai will be the epicentre of the world in 2020, so we need to create an OOH inventory according to expectations of excellence and quality of the bid. I am optimistic- I expect to become a reference on media-owner management, performance, and integration, embodying the values of the community to give back to Dubai all of the opportunities that have already been given to me.

Sami Al Mufleh, a Jordanian national, is the CEO of the Dubai-based Out of Home (OOH) company. Al Mufleh is an accredited civil engineer, having received his Bachelor of Science Engineering degree at Jordan University, followed by a master's degree in Business Administration from Cambridge University. Professionally, Al Mufleh was the General Manager of Backlite Advertising, subsequently founding his own firm in 2003, Hills Advertising Company L.L.C. highly situated in the industry. The Hills Group of companies umbrellas several different corporate endeavors of Al Mufleh, including healthcare, investments, hospitality, and real estate. The Hills Group of companies operate across 15 countries with business primarily concentrated in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Al Mufleh has been the recipient of several regional awards, and also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors.

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