Three Rules To Dress For Success On An Affordable Budget What you are wearing and how good you feel in your skin has a direct impact on how you run your business.

By Alia Omare

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What you are wearing and how good you feel in your skin has a direct impact on how you run your business.

There is a scientific fact that says: people will judge your appearance within five seconds after you make the first impression and the first of what they sense about you is your face, the perfume you wear and the fashion choice you made. The attitude and the confidence are directly linked with how good you feel and often it completes the first impression you give to those you meet.

I am a Business Development Manager and I consider the company I work for as a reflection of who I am: stylish, fast paced and creative. As a female BDM, I have to represent the image of the company in the best light, especially when meeting people from different backgrounds and industries.

A great challenge we all face is how to create a great first impression and keep a balanced budget in the same time. Here is where I compiled the most important rules on how you can always look on point no matter what your income is and who you are going to meet.

Rule number one:

Get yourself a comfy pump (depending on how high you can wear the heel) in two neutral colors, nude and black. These two will go with pretty much every outfit and you can find them in every brand depending on your budget. Extra tip: match your pumps with tote bags this way you will spare yourself the hassle of which bag to carry today question.

Rule number two:

Never buy above the knee skirts because they are a lot of hassle, especially if you are an active woman like me, and you might pop into o a meeting any time of the day.

My favorite skirts are pencil skirts or pleated skirts they are perfect for Dubai's weather and you can easily combine them with at shirt or a shirt and blazer if you want to top up your style game.

Rule number three:

Get yourself a trip to the mall and buy three basic blazers: grey, black and white. These three colors match with everything you wear and can be combined with both skirts and pants.

Always pair these three rules with a genuine beautiful smile to complete your personal charm. And with that, looking amazing everyday can be a pretty effortless task!

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Alia Omare

Business Development Manager, Dufit Interiors

Alia Omare is an architect and fashion lover working as Business Development Manager for Dufit Interiors.


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