Book Review: Future Brain: The 12 Keys To Create Your High Performance Brain By Dr. Jenny Brockis

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One of the most underused tools in a human being's arsenal is their brain, or so Dr. Jenny Brockis would have us believe. Dr. Brockis continues the work she began on brain fitness in two previous books in this new work, where she continues to push the boundaries in how neuroscience can provide the perfect tools to navigate our increasingly complex society.


During the introduction, Dr. Brockis takes some time to discuss how current work environments are not conductive to great brain fitness. Instead of a continued lamentation, she moves into how to change things to make it better for brain fitness and therefore more productive.

Some of the 12 keys material is information that everyone should already know (or already knows and don't apply), and the author takes the time to stress the importance of each segment thoroughly. Pick up Future Brain when you want to improve your performance and keep your mind functioning in top form.

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