Four Productivity Hacks To Power Through Your Day Calling on a higher power to make it through the rest of the day? 'Treps, these four hacks will make your day a breeze.

By Shoug Al Nafisi

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Calling on a higher power to make it through the rest of the day? "Treps, these four hacks will make your day a breeze. Get cracking!

1. Set the scene Ever wonder how people read at cafés? Knowing that it's become quite difficult to focus at will, cafés continue to be the default spot for quick meetings or even weekend reads. Other than good coffee, they house an ambience that allows you to focus in whichever way you like. Ambient sound (or white noise) is an effective tool for cultivating creativity, and might also just be your key to getting things done, double-time! I like making my own sound with Noisli.

2. Go outside-in The multisensory experience of the outdoors is considered quite impactful when it comes to creativity, productivity, and happiness. If you can't spend much time outdoors, working from areas with natural light and windows facing natural elements can actually go a long way. It's proven that introducing greenery into your work environment can also improve your mood, and your output.

3. Take down the competition Simply put, distractions kill your vibe. You can get more done in less time and with less effort put into trying to refocus. One proven way is to create a routine of turning off alerts as soon as you get to your office, and until you get done what you've come to do (emergencies are just that– don't count on unlikely circumstances). Other hacks include scheduling time to check emails, and decluttering your virtual and physical workspace.

4. Put the pedal to the metal High performance requires training mentally, physically and emotionally. Other than relaxation and destressing, meditation teaches the discipline to focus attention and energy where it's needed. Physical exercise will enhance that ability and take it even further. Find the right exercise routine to commit to, and hit some milestones. You'll want to keep fueling the fire!

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A nutritionist, and public health advocate, Shoug Al Nafisi has worked in domains that ranged between community nutrition, emergency relief, and social media. A humanitarian at heart, she works to promote her firm belief in the wellness of the human being as a powerful and productive entity within the community. As a writer, she has co-authored a scientific publication, and has many writings as a contributor and guest blogger covering topics such as wellness, productivity, and empowerment.

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