5 Ways to Show Your Team You’re Thankful for Them

Heading into the end of November, it’s time to stop and count our blessings and stuff our faces with turkey. The past couple of years have been quite tricky, but...

Howie Jones

5 Ways to Be More Thankful

As the calendar turns to the year’s penultimate month, all eyes are on the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is up next, full of hearty meals, parade floats, and American football games....

Hunter Meine

Make the Most of Personal Time After Workday Hours

It takes practice to transition from your workday into your personal time. Work worries will spoil your time at home unless you take charge. According to a survey by Advise...

Abby Miller

Flexible Schedules and How to Get Them

Flexible work schedules for employees who work remotely or in hybrid positions may challenge leaders. Schedules for businesses are becoming more open and flexible as they switch to hybrid or...

Howie Jones

How to Fight the Effects of a Sleep-Deprived Brain

Thankfully, there is a way to replenish your cognitive resources.

Ben Angel

How to Take Marie Kondo's Approach for Workflows and Processes

Entrepreneurs should declutter for productivity and efficiency.

Suresh Sambandam

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Stress

Well, we have Thanksgiving next week and then all of the December Holiday stuff coming up. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say. While there’s...

Hunter Meine

10 Ways to Manage Your Team for Out-of-Office Days

It’s not surprising that job absences surged in 2020 with the world dealing with a devastating global pandemic. And the effects are still being felt as we near the end...

John Rampton

10 Ways to Combat SAD

Ever since the clocks fell back, aka the end of daylight saving time, I’ve been slightly off. But, it’s gradually getting better. But, I’m still feeling like I’m a member...

Albert Costill

How Smart Scheduling Can Curb Burnout at Work

Feeling as if work stress has become an indispensable part of your routine? Well, you might say, “Since when was it not?” but if stress is depriving you of your...

John Hall

Turn Your Anxiety Into Something Useful

Here are 5 ways you can create positive outcomes from that unpleasant feeling.

The Epoch Times

Focus Your Time Before it Masters You

Leaders should learn how to manage stress and time more effectively. There is never enough time to do everything without focus. The United States has a new president, and Pfizer...

Abby Miller