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7 Underestimated Mantras to Live By and Avoid Work Burnout

As much as we dislike it or try to deny it, our emotions do affect our work. Avoiding this truth leads to self-sabotage and burnout, so here's how to stop it.

Leah Borski

Onboarding at Scale: How to Do it and Why You Need It

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) have long been critical in helping companies build and grow customer relationships. A good CSM not only forms a strong bond with customers but also finds...

Jack Phan

Is It Time to Say Farewell to the Beloved Status Meeting?

Regular check-ins with your teams are not only inevitable, but they are also invaluable; however, the team or project status meeting — everyone's favorite — may have a foot in the grave.

Bilal Aijazi

How to Beat the Monday Blues

After a long week, having a Sunday Funday was just what you needed. Maybe it was grabbing brunch with friends or inviting your family over for dinner. Or, maybe you...

Deanna Ritchie

Employers: Productivity Among Your Remote Workers Isn't A Problem — Your Proximity Bias Is.

False intuitions of older, traditionalist leaders cause many to mistrust the productivity and performance of hybrid and remote workers. To address these false beliefs and address proximity bias, companies have to change their performance evaluations to measure deliverables, not passive presence.

Gleb Tsipursky

How To Encourage Your Kids to Build Productive Habits

Productivity is key to being successful. A productive person knows how to manage their time and complete tasks in a timely and effective manner. With that said, being productive is...

Abby Miller

9 Ways To Make 'Superhuman Focus' Work For You

In this video, Ben Angel shows you how to improve your focus and do more with your time.

Ben Angel

Learning New Skills Without Boundaries: 13 Ways To Improve Your Learning Process

When the pandemic uprooted millions of employees worldwide, many struggled to adjust as they were forced to shield themselves from COVID and the economic repercussions. Employment Levels Dropped As employment...

Carma Khatib

3 Ways to Overcome Adversity and Succeed in Life

Entrepreneurs can't afford to let challenging times get them down. Here are three essential ways to survive and thrive through adversity.

Milind Pant