The Executive Selection: Arte Profumi

Why stick to conventional fragrances when you can create a scent all of your own?

Arte Profumi
Arte Profumi

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Why stick to conventional fragrances when you can create a scent all of your own? After all, the possibilities are endless from niche Italian fragrance house Arte Profumi, which is available on ethical beauty and niche boutique UAE-born platform Balmessence.

Fragrance layering involves combining several fragrant products or perfumes at a time to create your own personal scent. The key here is to strike the perfect balance by avoiding strong scents together, and instead combine complementary notes.

Take a look at Arte Profumi's Samharam, a spicy scent for both men and women, featuring notes of smokey incense, myrrh, and balsamic benzoin. Layer with floral or rosy scents such as Secret or Jardin de Giverny, and it's a scent to remember.

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