The Executive Selection: ManCave UAE ManCave UAE founder and CEO Yasin Valimulla gives an explainer to a guide to better beards.

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ManCave UAE
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When Yasin Valimulla, Associate Partner at Keller Williams Realty Dubai, found the region's market to be lacking when it came to grooming products for men, he decided to fill the gap by setting up ManCave UAE in 2016. As an e-commerce enterprise, ManCave UAE focuses on beard care, skincare and hair products, as well as suits tailoring and men's accessories. Along with its own branded products, the startup collaborates with other brands to offer a variety of choices for its customers. Given ManCave UAE's focus on beard care, we asked Valimulla his tips for keeping one's facial hair in style- here's what he told us:

Yasin Valimulla, founder and CEO, ManCave UAE
Source: ManCave UAE


"Understanding your facial hair and having a barber who knows his stuff are two major keys to unlocking your beard's potential. Moisturizing daily with the right stuff is key. There are millions of products out there, but stick to the natural organic products, beard oils balms and waxes."


"At some point on your journey to facial freedom, your skin may fight back. The dreaded itch is no joke, but it's no reason to reach for your razor. Just keep shampooing and moisturizing, and your face will eventually adjust to its newfound glory. We suggest using a beard shampoo that is delicate for facial hair."


"It's key that the beard hair is maintained and brushed/combed with beard specific products like [our] boar bristle brushes and pear wood combs to evenly distribute products, and keep the beard clean and in place."

Gentlemen's Tonic Classic Shave Cream
Source: ManCave UAE


"Once you've conquered a month of maintaining your skin, growing your hair and fighting the itch to shave it all off, you should have a perfect canvas with which to sculpt a facial masterpiece. some guys like to keep it sharp, others like to go natural. it all depends on your face shape, so grow your beard accordingly."

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