Four Benefits Of Dressing For Success

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A luxury vehicle, a state of the art apartment at a well-heeled address, and a high paying position might be your power drive, but what fuels it is what you wear. Most people perceive the secret to being confident as being successful and gaining enormous wealth, but Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire thinks differently. According to Pine, clothing influences a person's self-perception and confidence. Along with clothing, the accessories you choose can enhance your competitive edge.


If seeing Don Draper in Mad Men gives you the urge to hit up the mall, then you're aware what handsome attire and good accessories can do for you. My startup, BoxKnocks, focuses on accessories for men, and having founded a business based on this ethos is proof that I believe in it. Here are four reasons why you need to up your style game- and increase your self-esteem and confidence in the process.

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A guy who knows how to pair a fine watch with a good suit is respected and viewed with appreciation. Not only does dressing sharp show your maturity, but it also indicates that you take time, effort and pride in the way you look. Bags and briefcases are not just items to haul your stuff from place to place, instead use your choice of attache? case to dictate your grip and your hold on the things you carry.


In my opinion, a man who knows how to rock a v-neck shirt paired with a chain also knows how to cope well with changing trends in business. Not only is this a win-win situation for your fashion statement, it also allows a man to get across his sense of personal style.

The boardroom look
Source: Tom Ford


A freshly-shaved face on a sunny day is awesome, but pump it up with a great new Tom Ford tie to complete your well-groomed look. Wearing a debonair accessory finishes up an outfit nicely, and it increases your self-esteem because it's true that when you look good, you feel good. Dressing wisely and giving it a proper mark with accessories gives you more self-confidence because you've injected some oomph to your day, and helps you develop a positive mental attitude.


When it comes to the opinion of the average guy, I think it's fair to say that accessories don't mean much to them. Many men think that wearing interesting add-ons to the next executive interview might be too much. Then these same men complain and wonder why they were overlooked during the selection process, or why they don't get the applause from the crowd that they seek.

Source: BoxKnocks

One reason behind their lack of opportunities is the lack of personality they show when it comes to their wardrobe. Better dressing indicates confidence and upgrades a man's self-esteem, and dapper accessories paired well with a fine suit boosts confidence to an exceptionally high level. If a man can't confidently project his personality through his wardrobe, then how can he have the confidence to snag that coveted position?

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