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Dress The Part: Elias El-indari On Fashion, Function, And The Three-Piece Suit When it comes to matters of style, let's just say that it'd be wise to follow in El-indari's footsteps.

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Images by Moez Achour for SMF Blog

Elias El-indari, the style-conscious founder of SMF Blog, trains his expert eye on better menswear. The 23-year-old digital influencer and fashion writer has teamed up with notable companies in the MENA region –a range that spans gentlemen's timepieces to fine clothiers- and most recently with Google Arabia for an interesting digital exploration trip in Europe. With impressive engagement across his digital platforms, the young professional shares a mixture of content that includes travel and lifestyle in addition to his main focus of fashion. Given his aforementioned track record, when it comes to matters of style, let's just say that it'd be wise to follow in El-indari's footsteps. "Other than a beautiful handmade Italian shoe, a timepiece is my favorite accessory," he says. "Every gentleman should invest in a timepiece that suits his lifestyle. Whether it be a sporty, classic or a vintage watch, it brings out your true characteristics."

Other fashion forward pointers? El-indari says when you make an investment in an executive wardrobe, you need to make an effort to maintain it as well. "My top tips when it comes to taking great care of a suit are to rotate your suits during the working week," he says. "Get the right size, and tailor to measure whenever possible. Do not dry clean unless absolutely necessary, hang with care, and use a steam iron.

Source: Images by Moez Achour for SMF Blog


"This Italian-made Dior Homme three-piece suit is part of the House's Winter 2015 menswear collection. The two-button jacket with a tailored lapel in grey and a striking Prince of Wales check guarantees a formal, elegant look. The suit's material of wool and cashmere ensure flexibility and ultimate comfort as you constantly move around during the day. The concealed button waistcoat -a favorite- helps create a clean and charismatic look. A good briefcase is an essential accessory, as it helps keep everything intact, safe and in the one place for when you're on the move. The Dior sunglasses are perfect for everyday wear with cutting-edge design for an on-trend look. When focusing on a suit, you do not want to draw away any attention from it with another statement piece, so a pair of black, simple, clean tassel loafers is prefect for the three-piece suit. It's a little different as it leans more to an Italian-inspired look, but different is always good."

Source: Images by Moez Achour for SMF Blog


A pocket square is a gentleman's wardrobe staple in my opinion. They help add character to a suit or smart casual ensemble, differentiating you from the rest. Your tie and pocket square do not always have to match. Bend the rules a little and play with contrasting colors."


Personally, I think men constantly associate a three-piece suit with a special occasion such as a wedding or gala dinner- that prevents men from taking advantage of the bold outfit. I highly encourage gentlemen to wear a three-piece suit to the office. Its boldness and professionalism will help you to look damn good when walking through those doors in the morning.

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