The Executive Selection: Delvaux

Founded in 1829 in Brussels, Delvaux is one of the oldest fine leather luxury goods houses in the world.


Form And Function: Sacoor Brothers Autumn/Winter 2022

From standout printed pieces inspired by vacations, to athleisure sets and elevated basics, the collection fuses functionality and elegance, without forgetting comfort.


The Executive Selection: Burberry

Evoking powerful, modern energy, the Burberry Autumn/Winter eyewear collection plays homage to nature, while still venturing into the unknown.

Thought Leaders

Here's What You Should Wear on Your First Day Back in the Office, And Why It Matters

Elizabeth Lewis shares three lessons from building her style company Brand, Style & Bloom.


The Fashion Virtuoso

Try and have a conversation with your audience and try that people know your personality through your content whether it is on your stories or you are talking to your audience or you are replying to them in your comments or maybe taking requests if someone asks you to style an item a certain way and you do that: Aashna Shroff


The 4 Types of Luxury Brand Leadership

A CEO leading a luxury company must reflect the highest standards of the brand, but that quality is entirely dependent upon the type of person she or he is.


The Executive Selection: Patek Philippe

We're a fan of the Twenty~4 Reference 4910/1201R- 001, a new timepiece in rose gold with a chocolate brown sunburst dial.


UAE-Based The Gate Business Services Invests US$7 Million In International Fashion Brand, Maison D'AngelAnn

Launched in 2014 by Anna Chibisova and Angelika Svyatash, Maison D'AngelAnn has built a reputation among a new generation of women who want to acquire modern, luxurious fashion at competitive prices.


GENERATION Z's New Rage is Sustainable Fashion

A thing or two about fashion is that nothing lasts forever. High street fashion has been brought to its knees by the COVID-19 and sustainable fashion is the new queen on the block


Fashion Tech: How Saudi Arabia Could Take The Lead In This Untapped Sector

Boosting Saudi Arabia's cultural landscape in order to showcase the Kingdom's rich national artistic and creative heritage has been highlighted as a key cornerstone of the country's Vision 2030.


Dressing For Business In The Middle East: The How-To

There are plenty of options to bring a touch of artistic flair to your 9-5 outfit, so that you don't have to settle for boring.

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5 Affordable Uniqlo Staples You'll Want to Wear to Work Daily

You don't have to spend a fortune with these high quality not-quite basics.


6 Affordable Watches That Only Look Expensive

The right watch for every occasion, from the office to black tie affairs.


How To Wear Sneakers To Work (And Get Away With It)

With more people resorting to sneakers for comfy chic office attire, it's not uncommon to see athletic sneakers paired with the most sophisticated tailored looks.


Style Check: Five Tips For Wearing Pain-Free Heels To Work

Don't buy shoes thinking you'll break them in; it won't happen.