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Up Your Style Quotient: Four Must-Have Blazers For Any Occasion The blazer is often the unsung hero of a man's wardrobe.

By Mr. Draper

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Mr. Draper
Single-breasted linen blazers from Hackett.

The blazer is often the unsung hero of a man's wardrobe. With an infinite ability to dress up or dress down an outfit, this clothing essential is often overlooked and dismissed as more of a functional piece, rather than having a personality all of its own. If the suit gets all the attention, then perhaps it's time to give blazers a chance to be in the limelight.

At Mr. Draper, we love blazers. The variety and difference that this humble item can make to the overall look of any collection should not be underestimated. A blazer not only looks great, but can also adapt to practically any body type, shape, or height. It's an incredibly comfortable item to wear too– either directly, or slung over your shoulder on a hot day. Lighter in weight than a suit jacket, a blazer can work either open or closed, giving immense versatility and dapper vibes, no matter what situation, workplace, or climate.

But where to start? When it comes to choosing a blazer for the occasion, what are the top four must-have blazer options if you want to maintain effortless style, wherever you are? We've dug deep into our blazer pockets to showcase some of the most modern and adaptable blazer choices for you.


Perhaps there should be an unwritten rule in the world of men's fashion, which says that every man should, at some point in his life, own a navy blazer. With a worthy reputation for style, similar to the little black dress in a woman's wardrobe, the navy blazer is an essential item that no man can afford to overlook. A closet item like this at your disposal goes with absolutely everything, and can make dressing smartly a breeze. One problem here though can be that some men just don't know how to style a navy blazer to its full potential.

Distinguished as they are now, British royals Princes William and Harry both appeared as young men in public wearing matching navy blazers. You too may have memories of weddings and family occasions where a navy blazer was your first experience of dressing more formally. But don't be limited by any lingering childhood memories. These days, there is far less of the navy, and way more of the now! You'll always be on-trend with a navy blazer, teamed with a white button-down shirt and some khaki chinos. Find a blazer that fits well, and the opportunities are endless. Pair it with jeans, if you feel the need to communicate your creative side. Or break out the knitted tie if you're channeling more of a continental je ne sais quoi! You can even go completely retro, pairing a navy blazer with grey flannel trousers.

Van Gils beige plain elray three-button blazer. Image credit: Mr. Draper.

A beige blazer will never go out of style, representing a cool, casual, chic appeal that never dates. Combine the beige with matching chinos for a lightweight summer look. Or mix and match with jeans or darker trousers during the autumn/winter months. If you're lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, then you'll probably rarely let this blazer out of your sight. Blurring the line between suave and casual, we're convinced that the classic combination of a beige blazer with navy chinos is likely to become one of your favorites.

For the finishing footwear touch, continue down the casual route, and round off your look with some cream suede shoes. If you're looking for an added combination to go with your beige blazer, then set the trend with a contrasting or patterned pocket square and blue jeans. Top off your look with dark brown leather desert boots, or a classic pair of brown brogues, and you're all set to impress. From business lunch to date night, this classic combination will never let you down.


When it comes to staying cool in a hot climate then, by rights, the linen blazer holds all the cards. Never far from the fashion consciousness, linen is cooler than cool in every sense. If Daniel Craig as James Bond can carry off the linen blazer, then so can you! Linen can be a tricky customer, prone to creases and an uneven shape. So, aim for a high linen thread count with a mix of cotton or silk. This will help the material to hang well and fit to your specific body shape. A linen mix makes for a less ventilated fabric, but it will look better on you, and it doesn't need to be a summer-only outfit.

A single vented back works far better than a double. Pair with a pale striped shirt, in a lived-in fabric rather than the more traditional go-to white, and your linen jacket will really start to look the business. Oh, and try to avoid white linen– unless you're going for the mogul look. Cream or navy will do just fine. Of course, if you're looking to maintain an on-trend but business-appropriate look, then a neatly cut linen blazer will more than satisfy your needs. And, the great thing about a linen blazer, as opposed to the full works of a suit, is that you can mix and match it with a light-weight but non-linen trouser. Dark cotton bottoms teamed with a light linen blazer will always be a winning combination. For added variety, pair with chinos or jeans for that solid go-to weekend look.

Jersey patch-poker blazers from Hackett. Image credit: Mr. Draper.

A jersey material may not be the first choice of blazer you'd necessarily make, but in recent seasons, we've seen a growing trend towards the knitted or jersey blazer. This style of jacket will finish off any outfit with the flourish and feel of a well-tailored item. Jersey blazers also suit any age, so you'll never feel like you're dressing above or beyond your age group. An item like this will always maintain its versatility and usefulness– no matter what the climate or season. Combining a jersey blazer with the right pieces means you can style yourself in any direction.

At work, the jersey blazer can work as a relaxed cardigan. Or take it with you to an evening event, particularly if you know it may get cooler as darkness falls. The beauty of the jersey blazer is that you can dress it up with a smart shirt and brogues or dress it down with a smart T-shirt and sneaker-style shoes. Plus, there are lighter and heavier jersey fabrics and jersey/cotton mix fabrics available, so you can adapt your look to the climate you're in.

Now, whichever way you choose to rock your blazer, Mr. Draper has all combinations covered. At Mr. Draper, we are always on-trend: we can give you access to all the looks, styles, and combinations you could ever wish for. Mr. Draper is here to advise and select the clothing that will best showcase you and your lifestyle. So why not sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work? Reboot your wardrobe today with Mr. Draper!

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