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10 Pointers To Keep In Mind When Using Video To Grow Your Business Videos are an essential part of your marketing arsenal because they provide you with a competitive advantage, and ensure that you do not fall behind in the market at large.

By Ivan Zeljkovic

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The world watches billions of hours of YouTube videos every day. Keeping that figure in mind, as a business, you should know that videos are an essential part of your marketing arsenal, because not only do they provide you with a competitive advantage, they, perhaps more importantly, also ensure that you do not fall behind in the market at large. But while companies are increasingly allocating their PR and marketing budgets to video production, it does not mean that they should be spending millions of dollars producing must-have content. Here are 10 pointers to keep in mind when using video to grow your business:

1. Turn your company into a media company Businesses that rely solely on their website and advertising to stay ahead of the curve will fall behind, especially in a world post the COVID-19 pandemic, where we have to focus more on how we communicate with our customers. People consume content via different platforms, and brands need to reach them all. With continuous storytelling, brands can easily create content that impresses and invites people to engage with their business. In other words, avoid producing just a few pieces of content from time to time, but focus on becoming a media company- of sorts.

2. Always produce one more video than you think your business needs Quality is important, but only if paired with quantity. 10 mid-budget videos distributed over a year will surely have a much higher return on investment compared to one high-budget video in the same period. The more you produce, the more you can test, the more you can grow.

3. Make your video production more efficient A few years ago, companies needed to hire a 10-person crew to film a single video. It was staged, scripted, and flawless. However, in 2021, people prefer authentic and relevant content, over perfection. With all the technology that we have today, you can easily turn your conference room into a filming studio where you can bring guests, record interviews, testimonials, corporate videos, or any message that you have. Moreover, it will cost you five times less than traditional video production, and you will be able to film videos from the comfort of your office.

4. Automate processes, and save time The biggest benefit of automation is saving time. As our client once said: "If you have to do something twice, always automate it." With the right software, you can submit your video, and have it ready in less than 24 hours. What's more, you can automate the processes of getting permissions, project updates, and all the documentation you need to have your videos up and running.

5. Take advantage of the content waterfall A content waterfall strategy means taking one piece of content (e.g. a podcast, an interview, or a corporate video) and breaking it down into multiple pieces of independent content. In this way, you can turn a five-minute-video into, say, more than 30 pieces of micro-content that you can repurpose and distribute all across the network. Content waterfall is thus the way to go if you are looking for a way to relieve yourself from searching for new ideas, while also consistently creating a buzz around your business.

6. Don't be shy to publish Despite the common belief that less is more, the volume of the published content should never be compromised. The post-pandemic world is a world where you must push the boundaries, and where customers are asking for more than just enough. Being shy and posting once a week will perhaps keep your company at one level of success, but posting multiple pieces of content on various platforms every day will help you grow. It is because not all your customers are part of the same network, and the more content you have, the higher are your chances to reach them all. Plus, as Gary Vaynerchuk says: "Don't assume that all of your consumers will see all of your content."

7. Jump on the podcast trend Aside from having an incredible reach, and being the fastest-growing content form, podcasts have something that no other media can provide- the ability to grow your network with meaningful relationships. Not only will you be recognized as someone who creates trustworthy content, but you'll be able to present yourself as an industry leader. Moreover, by replacing the old cold sales outreach with a podcast invite, your business will grow at least 10x higher pace. So, if you were on the fence about starting one, now is the time to jump on this train. Podcasts are here to stay- and they make for great video content as well.

8. Let your customers be heard The story of your business can be even more believable if shared by your biggest advocates: your customers. Video testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools, because in the world of "everything online," they are the new word-of-mouth. If you were looking for a way to increase referrals while impressing your clients at the same time, bring them to your media room, and give them the opportunity to film their stories.

9. Showcase growth Between numerous Zoom calls and calculating numbers and budgets, entrepreneurs forget that they need to enjoy the process of growth of their business. You've spent so much time building your business, so there is no reason not to enjoy sharing your own story and promoting your business along the way. Making video content is a great way to do just that.

10. Don't wait for your competitors to start doing it It's simple- if you are not exposing your business, someone else will put their brand in front of your audience. I dare to say that making videos for your business today is what having a website used to be. It is a necessity if you want to set your business apart and stay ahead of the competition. As it has now become so affordable to film professional videos from the comfort of your office, there are no excuses for not putting digital storytelling into your company's DNA.

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Ivan Zeljkovic

Founder and Managing Director, Evans Media Group

Ivan Zeljkovic is the founder and Managing Director of Evans Media Group, a Dubai-based video production company with clients across Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, including long-term engagements as a media partner of Microsoft and Dubai World Trade Centre.

Previously, Zeljkovic had an illustrious career in the media sector, including decades of work in radio and TV productions, as well as producing and hosting the Serbian franchise of the award-winning international television quiz show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


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