Infographic: How To Create Content That Creates Customers

PayFort's recent infographic on content marketing stresses that creating content for the sake of creating helps no one.

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If you are a part of today's digitial marketing industry, you have undoubtedly heard the term "content is king," over and over again in your line of work. However, PayFort's recent infographic on content marketing stresses that creating content for the sake of creating helps no one, and what matters is creating content that nudges new users to come to you. The study, offering seven tips to "create content that creates customers" finds that 80% of businesses are using content marketing but only 38% use it to drive sales.

One of the strategies the infograph offers is to create content that relates to typical "pre-buying" themes, which customers are likely to research on before dealing with your company. Also critical is the formats of content- create materials that people can download and own, since such resources are found to be more valuable than just a webpage. Ultimately, including a "strong and smart" call to action will likely determine the success of any content marketing effort, ensuring prospective customers to take the next step, says the study. To learn in detail about all the strategies recommended, check out the infographic below.

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