Amid The COVID-19 Crisis, Dubai Chamber Completes More Than 100,000 Electronic Transactions In Two Months Dubai Chamber provides a wide range of smart services for the business community in Dubai through its website, smart applications, and other channels

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Dubai Chamber

106,145 electronic transactions were carried out by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in March and April this year, which, besides being a showcase of the Chamber's commitment to ensure business continuity in Dubai amid the COVID-19 crisis, allowed its members to continue conducting their business in a digital setting.

Dubai Chamber provides a wide range of smart services for the business community in Dubai through its website, smart applications, and other channels. These services include issuing certificates of origin, attestation, membership services, research and business intelligence reports, business and legal services, and issuing ATA Carnet, Dubai Chamber CSR label, credit rating, Business Groups and Council services, as well as services available to economic and professional bodies.

In the aforementioned two months, the e-transactions accomplished by the Chamber covered most notably certificates of origin, membership, ATA Carnet, and attestations.

In a statement, H.E. Hamad Buamim, President and CEO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, noted that the smooth digital transformation of the Chamber services and its ability to support business continuity came due to the implementation of the vision of the UAE leadership to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world. He stressed that the smart transformation of Dubai revealed the vision of the leadership, and their ability to look ahead and plan.

Buamim also pointed out that the Chamber had invested in establishing an advanced digital infrastructure, which contributed to maintaining the flow of operations, services and procedures in these exceptional circumstances. He remarked that the priority of the Chamber at the present time is to ensure business continuity, and to provide optimal services to the business community in the Emirate.

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