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UAE-Based Detectiome Launches Revonco, A Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test Powered By Artificial Intelligence, Specifically Designed For The Middle Eastern Population The launch marks a significant step towards leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver life-saving healthcare.

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Detectiome, a UAE-based artificial intelligence (AI)-driven diagnostics company, has launched Revonco, a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test powered by AI, in Dubai.

Revonco, which has been specifically designed for the Middle Eastern population's unique genetic makeup, was unveiled by Detectiome at this year's Expand North Star event, which ran in Dubai from October 15-18, 2023.

Detectiome, which is a part of in5, an enabling platform for entrepreneurs to incubate and grow their businesses in Dubai, noted that the launch of Revonco marks a significant step towards harnessing AI to deliver live-saving technology that provides patients accurate, efficient, and personalized cancer care solutions.

Revonco does this by leveraging generative AI and multiomics -an approach that combines and analyses several fields of study including genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics- to detect multiple types of cancers at their earliest stages, even before symptoms manifest.

The early detection capability can thus enhance treatment outcomes, and raise the survival rates of cancer patients across the region. While Revonco is currently available for research use only (RUO), Detectiome plans to use the test in clinical trials and pilot studies before registering it with the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention to be approved for use by the public.

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Commenting on the launch of Revonco, Arman Vali, CEO of Detectiome, said, "At Detectiome, we understand that the effectiveness of precision diagnostics is inherently linked to the genetic diversity of the target population. Our mission is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge precision medicine and the unique genetic makeup of the Middle East. This has only been possible thanks to our innovations in using AI to solve problems that have been a dream just a few years ago. Our flagship product, Revonco, is not just another liquid biopsy product; it's the only precision diagnostic product in the world specifically designed for the genetic population of the Middle East."

Detectiome's Revonco MCED test has been declared to be the only cancer screening method that is optimized for the Middle Eastern population's genetic diversity, as opposed to relying on data from Western populations that can result in limitations and biases when used for non-Western ethnicities.

This is particularly significant as not all precision diagnostics are created equal, and a product developed for the US and EU genetic population can be up to 2x less effective when used in the Middle East. Indeed, such scenarios make it essential to develop products tailored for specific genetic populations to ensure the provision of quality healthcare.

As for Detectiome, the focus on Middle Eastern genetic data helps Revonco's AI model identify various types of cancers at their earliest stages, shifting the burden of cancer from the late stage to the early stage, and potentially improving survival rates for patients.

Given that Detectiome is a part of in5's community of startups, Majed Al Suwaidi, Senior Vice President of Dubai Media City, said, "in5 draws on strategies like Dubai Research and Development Program and Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' to nurture an ecosystem that makes groundbreaking innovation a reality. We remain committed to supporting companies like Detectiome in their journey towards transforming lives, and cementing Dubai's position as the leading global hub for pathbreaking innovation."

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