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Four Free Ways To Get Serious Traffic From Facebook Choose a strategy for getting Facebook fans to your website and then make sure to engage with them every day.

By Dorothy Mitchell

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform that people spend their time on. Many people have built their businesses depending solely on Facebook. It is a well-established platform and all you need is to start hanging out with your audience and get them to your site. That is the simple secret sauce, but it is easier said than done.

In this post, you will discover four different methods you can use to get people to your site for free from Facebook.

Engage in Facebook groups
The best way to start getting traffic and subscribers if you are starting from zero with no budget is to start engaging on different groups where your audience already hangs out. "Start by doing a quick search for Facebook groups that are related to your topic," said Alberto Riehl, CEO of DreamSource Consulting LLC. "For example, if you target solopreneurs, type "solopreneurs' and look at the groups that seem like a good fit. After that start with an introduction where you get people to know you. You'll also try to complement the owner. This will help you accelerate the process of building a relationship with them. After that, do nothing except provide value for the group. Do it every day for 15 minutes for every Facebook group. You could do three to five groups at a time. After you do this for a week, you can pitch your freebie in a way that's not salesy. You know that it will be a perfect fit for the group because you already engaged with them and you know their pains and problems."

Make it easy to share your post on Facebook
The next best way to get more traffic from Facebook is to make your post worthy of being shared and easily shareable. Writing great content is one thing, making it go viral on Facebook is another thing.

Here are few ways to help you make your post spread like wildfire.
Use a strong call to action: If you want to get more shares, you need to have a clear, preferably solitary, call to action. Your call to action is to share your post.
Incentivize people to share your post: You don't need to pay them money, but you could offer them a checklist, a resource, or a template in exchange for sharing it. You could do this using the OnePress Social Locker plugin.
Add floating share buttons, and decrease the number of buttons: I don't care what people say about these buttons, the fact is they do work to get more social shares. And to make it more effective, offer only 2-3 buttons. Adding more will decrease your number of shares overall.
Use images: Images are proven to get more shares on Facebook. So be sure to use them.

Create your own Facebook group
Having a community of people who are happy to make you their leader is like having an army of people who are waiting for anything you share. People will trust you more as you engage with them. When you create content, they'll be happy to check it out and even share it.

"People love to be part of small groups, such as on Facebook," says Anton Klingspor, Managing General Partner at Indicina Ventures. "But you need to have enough people to make it work. When you engage with people on other groups, they'll be happy to join your groups because they know that you provide value. Ask people to join it on your thank you page after they subscribe to your mailing list. Give specific freebies only for members of the group, and ask people to join the group to receive these bonuses. Create a challenge and make people enter the group to be part of the challenge. As you're building your tribe keep providing value with new content just for the group."

Get more likes for your Facebook fan page
Many people have thousands of likes on their page and use this fact to drive traffic to their content. A good example of this is Gary Vaynerchuck. But to be able to build your empire on Facebook, you need your page to get more likes. Here's how, according to Dariaus Philson, a digital marketing consultant: "Share your Facebook post on your blog. Add that Facebook widget on the sidebar or after your post. At the end of your post, ask your people to like your page for more great content. Create videos and images that are worthy of sharing. When people share them, some will like your page. Create a giveaway for likes. You could start a simple giveaway where people have to like your page to enter it. Their friends will see that they liked your page and more will like it. You could even incentivize them by giving them extra points if they share the giveaway with their friends."

Choose one method and start
You now know several methods to help you get more traffic to your site. But that knowledge by itself won't help you get any more visits. What you need is to start taking action. Choose one strategy that you'll focus on for the next month, do the work, and the results will start compounding.

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Dorothy Mitchell

Freelance Business Writer and Social Media Marketing Consultant

Dorothy Mitchell is a freelance business writer and social media marketing consultant. She has worked as a writer, researcher, social media manager and business consultant with several companies, including Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Cisco and PepsiCo, and startups that’ll soon become big players. She has also ghost written pieces that got published in Forbes, The Economist, Entrepreneur, Inc., Content Marketing Institute, and dozens more reputable publications. Connect with her on her website, or on Twitter, @DorothyExpert.

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