Dorothy Mitchell

Freelance Business Writer and Social Media Marketing Consultant

Dorothy Mitchell is a freelance business writer and social media marketing consultant. She has worked as a writer, researcher, social media manager and business consultant with several companies, including Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Cisco and PepsiCo, and startups that’ll soon become big players. She has also ghost written pieces that got published in Forbes, The Economist, Entrepreneur, Inc., Content Marketing Institute, and dozens more reputable publications. Connect with her on her website, or on Twitter, @DorothyExpert.


Growth Strategies

Going Social: Why Businesses Must Invest More in Human Capital

Now more than ever, successful enterprises will need to focus on human capital and social responsibility.


Four Personal Reputation Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, the stakes of "losing their face" online can lead to disastrous consequences.


Why Your Business Still Needs To Be Available On Phone In This Digital-First World

There are just times when those customers or leads really need or want to speak with you or someone in your company.

Growth Strategies

How To Know When It's Time to Break Up With Your Co-founder

Relationships, no matter what kind, can get pretty complicated.


Four Tips To Cultivate The Mindsets Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is hard work. You need to show up daily and put in a lot of time, effort and resources to start and build a business for the long term.

Growth Strategies

Seven Of The Best Project Management Tools For Your Business

It doesn't matter what your degree or job title is- even large companies often assign tasks that require certain project management skills to employees at any level.

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