Periscope Broadcasts Now Directly In Your Twitter Feed For broadcasters, this means that there is a chance to reach a more massive Twitter audience. And for everyone on Twitter, this means a richer experience.

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Periscope has confirmed in a new blog post that Twitter users on iOS platforms will now be able to view both live video and replays directly in tweets, thus taking away the current need to leave the Twitter app.

Since its launch, Periscope has had over 100 million broadcasts created. When one of these broadcasts were shared on Twitter, the link would then open up in the Periscope app. As of now, those links will be replaced by the broadcast itself, auto playing right within the tweet. Users can also tap the video to make it full screen and view comments and hearts from other Periscope viewers, taking away the need for a Periscope app or account itself.

Users can now scroll through Twitter and simply view the story right there, which helps add a whole new dimension to the social network. For broadcasters, this means that there is a chance to reach a more massive Twitter audience. And for everyone on Twitter, this means a richer experience.

The feature will come out on the iOS app over the next few days, and can be expected soon for Android and web users.

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