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UAE Ministry Of Health And Prevention Launches BE BOLD Youth Leadership Program "To Shape The Future Of Healthcare" The 15-week BE BOLD program was unveiled in February as one of the initiatives MoHAP is spearheading to mark this year's UAE Innovation Month.

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The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched BE BOLD, a new youth leadership program that seeks to engage young healthcare professionals in the country in contributing to the evolution of the industry.

Built in partnership with Entrepreneur Middle East, the 15-week BE BOLD program was unveiled in February as one of the initiatives MoHAP is spearheading to mark this year's UAE Innovation Month, while also paying tribute to the UAE leadership declaring 2020 as "the year of getting ready for the UAE's 50th anniversary."

Open to UAE nationals and residents under the age of 35 that work in the healthcare sector, BE BOLD will, besides aiming to develop their innovative ideas and concepts for this industry, also seek to bolster their individual personalities and skillsets with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

With the initiative inviting applications that showcase bring about innovations in four areas of note within the healthcare industry (cardiovascular diseases, mental health, childhood obesity, and geriatric care), BE BOLD promises the individuals who complete the program the chance for their projects and solutions to be incubated by MOHAP on a long-term level.

With the program including everything from expert sessions that will teach you a variety of business concepts, to one-of-a-kind experiences that are designed to get you to push your personal limits, BE BOLD is aimed at those who want to get out of their comfort zones—head to the website and apply if you're one of them.

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