Bidfood Middle East Launches A Home Delivery App To Recreate Restaurant Experiences At Home Entrepreneur Middle East readers can use code ENTRE05 to avail a 5% discount on their first Bidfood UAE order.

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While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel disruptions of people's lives and businesses around the world, Bidfood Middle East, a Dubai-based food service distributor of food and beverage products, has come up with an idea to give people a part of their old lives back- its newly-launched home delivery app promises to enable customers to "recreate unforgettable restaurant experiences at home."

Customers will be able to choose from Bidfood Middle East's wide product range - from meats, fish, desserts, vegan products, beverages, pantry items, dairy, condiments, bakery items and many more- to inspire the chef within. All products are being offered at competitive prices, and, on top of that, Entrepreneur Middle East readers can use code ENTRE05 to avail a 5% discount on their first order. Download the app now on Android and iOS.

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