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Here Are The 20 Startups Selected For The Eighth Cohort Of The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator Program

The final participants of the year-long program were selected from over 200 applicants from across 35 countries.


The Recap: The Demo Day Of The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator Program's Seventh Cohort

18 startups presented their ideas in front of a panel of regional investors, following which three startups emerged as the winners of the Demo Day.

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Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based TranspRight Is Helping Create A More Sustainable Supply Chain Ecosystem In The Region

Through carbon emission tracking, TranspRight aims to optimize cargo deliveries in an inexpensive, efficient, and fast manner.

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Startup Spotlight: With Its Flagship Multi Cancer Early Detection Tool, UAE-Based Detectiome Is Addressing Multiple Pain Points For Patients

Detectiome aims to address a number of issues, the first of which is the late detection of cancers, which is often when the disease has reached a terminal stage.

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Startup Spotlight: Here's How UAE-Based Appro Is Simplifying Customer Onboarding For Banks

In its current iteration, the platform is able to help its users find for themselves the right credit cards, home loans, personal loans, as well as car loans.


Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Uktob Is Ensuring Arabic-Speaking Businesses Have Easier Access To Artificial Intelligence

Among the AI tools Uktob offers, there is one that is named Faheem, an AI-powered personal assistant that offers a range of productivity tools and services for day-to-day tasks.

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Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Oscar Is Helping Businesses Attain Supply Chain Sustainability In Their Journeys Towards Net-Zero

Data collection is a pivotal aspect of how Oscar helps businesses transform their procurement chains. But the startup's unique selling point lies in its ability to take a very localized approach.

Growth Strategies

Startup Spotlight: US-Headquartered MayaMD Is Introducing Pathways To Eradicate Inefficiencies Within The UAE's Digital Healthcare

With the ability to process 8,000 clinical conditions in less than two minutes with more than 90% accuracy, the MayaMD platform aims to help healthcare providers better manage their patients with personalized care programs and engagement solutions.


Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Hekayati Is Introducing More Diversity In Children's Stories With Its Personalized Books Platform

"Hekayati aims to solve the challenge of disengagement from traditional storytelling methods that are stereotypical."


Startup Spotlight: Abu Dhabi-Based Hulexo Is Here To Reduce Operational Bottlenecks For Small Businesses

At its core, the startup aims to address the many shortcomings of traditional ERP systems.

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Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Pulse Is Aiding Early Detection Of Civil Infrastructure Deterioration Using Advanced Tech

Pulse's aim is therefore to deploy locally manufactured sensors that can optimize the maintenance of civil structures, as well as maximize their service life.


Startup Spotlight: HealthStay Aims To Tap Into The UAE's Burgeoning Medical Tourism Industry

With medical tourism only set to grow in Dubai and the UAE, a new startup, HealthStay, is now hoping to become the link between medical tourists with healthcare providers here.


22 Startups Selected For The Seventh Cohort Of The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator Program

The final participants of the year-long program were selected from over 230 applicants from 41 countries.

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Having Graduated Its Sixth Cohort, The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator Program Is Inviting Applications For Its New Seventh Cycle

The sixth cohort included entrepreneurs from the UAE, UK, Canada, Tunisia, KSA, Lebanon and the USA whose ventures are at various levels of business maturity, from prototype to growth stage.


Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based DarDoc Is Enabling Easier Access To Home Healthcare Services For Patients Across The UAE

Launched in July 2021 by Samer Masri and Keswin Suresh, DarDoc is a healthcare app that enables patients to receive a variety of services from the comfort of their homes.