Annie Clain

Head - Business Strategy & Growth, BlockchainPRBuzz

Annie Clain is the Head - Business Strategy & Growth of BlockchainPRBuzz, a crypto-consulting agency and BTCWires, Blockchain and Crypto News Aggregator. Annie holds a Master’s degree in Marketing. Three years ago, she shifted her focus from the hospitality industry to blockchain to help to develop startups.


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This Australian Firm Is Breaking Down Barriers In the Financial Markets

STAX aims to provide a middle ground where financial opportunities are globally accessible by leveraging the technological innovations brought about by blockchain technology with the right regulatory knowledge and strategic partnerships

News and Trends

A Formidable Player Enters the International Online Education Market

The creators of Lectera have placed great importance on teaching key skills that will allow users to increase their income.


Bitcoin Ultimatum: A New Fork to Solve Old Problems

The concept is a reflection of the famous Ethereum cryptocurrency.

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