Kerri Hollingsworth

Founder, An.ti.quate

Kerri Hollingsworth is an upholstery artist, designer and zero waste advocate who founded An.ti.quate to provide quality, creatively unique upholstery pieces with an environmentally conscious edge. In her work, Kerri proves that you can reimagine furniture in a modern approach that is also sustainable in all its forms. With a genuine love of textiles, recycling, design, and earth-friendly solutions, Kerri has not only created a business that completely aligns with her beliefs, but also inspires her to continue to make positive shifts in the design industry. 


News and Trends

Top 3 Strategies to Create a Zero Waste Business

Going beyond a recycling bin by our desks and metal straws in the staff kitchen, here are the top three high-level strategy tips to implement into your business for a zero-waste approach in 2019

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