Maria Xynias

CEO, Ladies Running Errands

Maria Xynias is the CEO and Founder of Ladies Running Errands, a family-friendly, personal transport and errand company to provide women, people and families in need with the help they need when they need it. From looking after children, to daily errands and transport services, Ladies Running Errands has become an in-demand service for families.

With a genuine love for people and supporting others and providing premium customer service, Maria’s mission is to give women all over the country accessibility to the support they need, so they can focus on what’s important to them.

As an Entrepreneurial-Franchisor with a driven growth mindset, Maria has created a business model and formula that works, to give franchisee’s accessibility and support but also growth opportunities for each franchise sold and for each business owner to achieve more.


Growth Strategies

It's the CEO Mindset that will Make Your Business Grow

You can put on an entrepreneur's cap, start a small business and be completely satisfied with this niche space you have created for yourself. Or, you may think big and work your way towards being the CEO of a large conglomerate. Here are few tips about how to look at the big picture

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