It's the CEO Mindset that will Make Your Business Grow

You can put on an entrepreneur's cap, start a small business and be completely satisfied with this niche space you have created for yourself. Or, you may think big and work your way towards being the CEO of a large conglomerate. Here are few tips about how to look at the big picture

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Many businesses start off accidentally, and grow organically. We read countless profiles of entrepreneurs who say they "fell into it'. Many were operating a side hustle that just took off, or invented a product or service which benefited their life, and realised there was cash in it. But many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs will start off as they mean to go on–with a hunger and drive to be the future CEO that they want to be.


By thinking with this mindset from the get-go, and ensuring it's at the heart of all the business activities, other people will view you differently. Even if it's just you sitting around your kitchen table with a laptop, the outside world–including clients, suppliers and potential investors–don't have to know this if you have an attitude and philosophy that screams "CEO'.

When I set up my business, it could be viewed as "something on the side', allowing me to work flexibly and pick up work as and when I chose. The company offers a solution for busy individuals and families who need an extra helping hand with the day-to-day routine, be it support with the school drop-off, taking the dog to the veterinarian, the kids to sports activities, or looking after the house and garden while you are away.

From the get-go I knew I wanted to be big. It's a simple concept, but one I knew would grow. I didn't want to be another ride-share or taxi company. I knew that to succeed it needed to be personal. Trust is vital when you are asking a stranger to look after your most important assets–your family and your home.

If you just want to continue with a business that's a side hustle or generates some extra pocket money, and that suits your life, then that's all good! But if you have ambitious plans to grow your business exponentially and make a difference, here are some practical ways you can introduce a CEO mindset from the beginning:

  • Develop a company "mission' – your reason for being. Without considering "why' you exist, what your purpose is, and why clients will require your product or services, you will struggle to get off the ground.
  • Create a solid business plan, incorporating five and ten-year goals – it may be market expansion, team growth or profit-related. Consider your strategy for growth – do you want to operate on a franchise basis (this model has worked for my business niche), or build to eventually sell? Aim high!
  • Implement the processes and systems that you know will be needed in the future. Introduce a company handbook – even if it's just you to start with, including all business and HR policies. It may seem unnecessary, but it will get you thinking about what you stand for, and what kind of employer you want to be.
  • Invest in branding. If you have the funds, appoint professionals to support you with your website, logo design and marketing. Having a strong, visual brand in place will ensure clients take notice from the beginning.

When launching a business, you have a lot to consider; very often just the day-to-day tasks, some of which may be extremely repetitive and mundane, can feel overwhelming. But if you want to thrive and be successful, it's important not only to live in the now but also to continuously look towards the future. If you want to succeed, and compete with the big guns, don't act like the small business you currently are but the CEO who is smashing goals and creating a legacy for the future.