Mark Gustowski

CEO, QUT Creative Enterprises Australia

Mark is the CEO at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, a startup factory based in Brisbane Australia supporting startup founders in the creative tech verticals. With experience in building and supporting startups and growth companies across Australia, the US, Asia and Europe, Mark has designed and lead accelerator, incubator and investment programs nationally and internationally.

Having worked extensively across the public and private sectors, Mark has led the development of government policy and programs that support industry development and has also co-founded a number of startups in the tech, investment and FMCG sectors. He has invested in a number of Australian tech startups and sits on the board of organisations in the startup , renewable and investment sectors.


Growth Strategies

Why Australia can't Afford to Miss the Boat on Southeast Asia's Flourishing Start-up Scene

Australia needs to align its activities in this juggernaut region under one national strategy and present a united front to get on board or be left behind

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