Sheena Agarwal

Director, Agashe


Sheena founded Urbanista Image Consulting LLP in 2010. Trained by master trainers Carla Mathis, Christina Ong and Lynne Marks, along with the unparalleled background in the arena of Image Consultancy, Sheena is a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and one of India’s first Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist. Adding to her qualification, Sheena has accredited herself as Professional Make-Up Stylist. It is her passion for personality development and overall grooming that she thought of launching Agashe, a one-stop shop for all fashion needs. Conversant in English, Hindi, Bengali and elementary French, Sheena also has a deep appreciation of diverse cultures, which assists her understand the needs of her clients across the world. 


Starting a Business

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It requires more than motivation, hard work, and serious love for clothes

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