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5 Strategic Business Lessons From Entrepreneurs Who Created New Opportunities During the Pandemic Five entrepreneurs from across the globe share their experience and a valuable lesson they have each learned in creating new opportunities for themselves during unprecedented times

By Mervik Haums

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When entrepreneurs are faced with challenging times and uncertainty, it gives them an opportunity to deeply reflect on their past actions, where they are at in the present day, and the path they would like to take moving forward.

While the COVID-19 pandemic sparked major change in the way we do business, it has forced entrepreneurs to see business from a new perspective and a new lens, given we now need to adapt to a new reality in order to thrive.

Five entrepreneurs from across the globe share their experience and a valuable lesson they have each learned in creating new opportunities for themselves during unprecedented times.

Prioritise your mental well-being

Leah Peters (M.S.), is an award-winning, certified nutritionist and fitness expert who fuses science with mindset work to create lasting mind, body, and soul upgrades. Her unique approach includes meditation, subconscious reprogramming, and heightened self-awareness practices to lay the foundation for deep thought-transformation.

Leah states that opportunity is exponentially created when entrepreneurs understand that business success and personal wellness go hand in hand."Successful business owners understand the importance of consistency when it comes to growing a thriving company, yet many leave money on the table by under-prioritizing their health. If "how you do one thing is how you do everything", then creating consistency in your wellness routine should be just as vital as your professional actions."

Now, Leah is rising to great heights as she guides business owners to break bad habits and use meditation to restructure their mind, cultivating a completely new attitude on life and business.

Break past your limiting beliefs

Liam James Collins is the co-founder of The Coaching Masters, a multiple 7-figure online training platform for coaches.

Liam is on a mission to make having a life coach as fashionable as having a personal trainer and he helps entrepreneurs and others break down the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back for years. Our greatest opportunities lie just beyond our limiting beliefs, meaning it is important to overcome them so as to not hinder our success in pursuit of our goals and dreams.

"One very important thing to note here is that beliefs are very strongly held opinions, they are not facts. If they were facts, we would call them facts, but we don't. They are called beliefs. This is because they are not absolutely true for everyone, even though they are true for us (because we believe them)."

Deeply contemplate opportunities before going all in

Ryan Kalish is an American former professional baseball outfielder turned mental acuity coach, Angel Investor and Inventor. He played in Major League Baseball for the Boston Red Sox in 2010 and 2012 and for the Chicago Cubs in 2014 and 2016.

Ryan found Pilates as a major tool in achieving a healthy state of body and mind and now teaches this to people around the world through mental acuity coaching.

He shares how important it is to learn from others and not having a "know-it-all' attitude. He lives by the mantra, "when you start to feel like you know everything, you lose the opportunity for growth."

Ryan learned the importance of having a trusted team of advisors who lend their wealth of experience and knowledge. These advisors taught Ryan early on to slow down, introduce a healthy amount of caution, and deeply contemplate all opportunities before going all in.

We all have our blindspots, and it's important to understand and bring awareness to them so we can shift our mindset and better navigate our way on the path to opportunity and ultimately, success.

Find opportunity in uncertainty

UK-born Entrepreneur and E-commerce expert, Chris Jenkins is the owner of Giovvani, a luxury sneaker brand with a focus on clean, luxury and minimally designed shoes. He also owns and operates several dropshipping stores.

Chris is an entrepreneur who has found opportunity in uncertainty and taking risks. "Grit and being relentless in the pursuit of your goals is essential. You cannot let it break you down and you must hold an unbreakable belief in yourself. I failed with around 10 different businesses until I eventually quit that business to run something more lucrative, and everything has grown from there."
He also shares that product excellence is a powerful way to build a sustainable brand that will leave a legacy for centuries to come. "Whilst I still own and operate some dropshipping stores, I am now focused on growing Giovvani into a well-known global brand with a reputation for product excellence."

Your belief systems impact the opportunities you attract

LourissaSetu is a 6-figure affiliate marketer and coach from New Zealand, mentoring others to transform their lives and their finances by activating their gifts and potential.

Lourissa's coaching involves helping people to alchemize the limiting beliefs and blocks that they hold to develop and change their relationship with money and other important factors of their lives.

"If you do not feel worthy enough of what you are wanting to create in your journey (e.g sales and high income) it will be hard to bring that into your reality. One big part of this is your internal dialogue and your everyday thoughts because these will play a big part in your beliefs and the belief you have in yourself." Lourissa shares.

Mervik Haums

Entrepreneur and founder Startup Fortune

Mervik Haums is an entrepreneur, branding specialist and technology enthusiast who founded Startup Fortune, a global startup platform that lets entrepreneurs from across the world to learn, share, connect and collaborate. Startup Fortune also brings latest news and updates from the industry aiming to provide startups and small businesses with guides, training and trends to help them with branding and growth hacking strategies.

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