How a Person From the Countryside Turned Into a Serial Entrepreneur And Investor Evgeny Kayumov is a business developer who has built various digital projects from the ground up

By Helena Ross

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Evgeny Kayumov

From Russia, Novosibirsk, we were inspired by the very versatile Evgeny Kayumov who's much more than just that. Looking at his Instagram feed (, one gets the impression all that Evgeny is doing is traveling the world.

But is it really so? We decided to find out.

It turned out that everything is not so simple, and behind a beautiful picture hides a lot of work done and unsuccessful attempts.

Evgeny is a serial entrepreneur and investor as well as a business developer who has built various digital projects from the ground up. He has proved that with or without any formal training, one can achieve whatever they may at and he does what he enjoys doing in the verticals he likes.

Evgeny is firmly convinced that theoretical training will never replace the experience gained in practice. Only by trying, over and over again, honing your skills and gaining experience from your mistakes, you can achieve the desired result. Several times Evgeny failed and had to start from scratch. But that did not stop him.

Along his journey, from 15 years old, he gained experience in mobile commerce, affiliate marketing, website development and launching startups.

Evgeny was the first in Russia to launch a SMS affiliate program, which allowed owners of mobile sites to earn money and monetize content. Founder of the largest community of professionals in the field of marketing and sales, he built from scratch, bringing the company to a revenue of $20 million-plus in a year. He helped with scaling and launching the product partner program to the Asian markets.

Starting from humble beginnings, he was born in a small village in Siberia with a population of 4,000. As a child living in a small village, he could have never even imagined that there would be a time when he would live in Switzerland and travel all around the world. His life wasn't that easy as he faced situations where he thought of giving up on his online business dreams and starting a business in the field of production and services but eventually he did realize that only an online business can cross borders without any territorial linkages.

Now, with more than 295,000 followers on his social media, Evgeny proves to be a motivation for many as through hard work and his devotion towards his goals, he has learned and earned a lot. He has acquired the skills through trial and error while gaining experience with each new project. Not just this, but Evgeny strongly believes in the power of growing others along the way which he does by investing in others' dreams. He has made multiple projects to facilitate many by providing high-quality services globally: is a SaaS model bought forward by Evgeny as a fast-growing tech business offering Resident Proxy solutions to B2B customers globally. The company has grown 7 times in the past year and won the Proxyway Award as Discovery of the Year. is another great initiative by Evgeny which is an advisory firm with an execution-focused approach that emphasizes on implementation rather than stand-alone advice. Due to an integrated approach, the company helps start-up startups with expansion into global markets and attraction of investments for faster scaling, which allows founders to do business without being distracted by legal issues.

Evgeny is in constant search of new projects for investments in the early stages in areas like SAAS, FinTech and AdTech. Elon Musk has been his biggest inspiration who he believes is a person of great learning and motivation. One of the most remarkable times for Evgeny was when he earned his first million rubles just at the age of 16, with which he bought himself a second hand sports car without even owning a driver's license and this earning from a mobile site empowered him to move from Novosibirsk to Europe.

Evgeny's stage name, by which he is very well known, is "KaumOff". His working methods revolve around adventures, risks and the search for new ways to increase efficiency. Evgeny has partners in Europe and America, with whom he is friends and does business despite his imperfect knowledge of the English language.

A healthy body makes a healthy mind which is the very case for Evgeny as he actively engages himself in sports like heliskiing, wake surfing, snowmobiles and airsoft as a hobby. He is skilled at managing any transport that can sail or has an engine which is how he has rights to a jet ski, yachts, a tractor and a light airplane. He is a strong believer in the fact that hobbies and complementary activities are of great value to stay in shape and to reboot from work.

Now, Evgeny is aiming at creating a one-of-a-kind MetaPax service that will be in use by millions of people around the world. The project allows you to rent people's time and remotely coordinate their actions anywhere in the world from the first person.

He has been dreaming about the possibility and implementation of this project for around 4 years which now seems to be capable of turning into reality as the project is in the process of development.

In the end, Evgeny promotes the idea of doing what one likes and wishes to do and not being afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Constantly looking for growth points will ensure success on its way for you.

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Helena Ross is a crypto, financial journalist based in London. She is a believer in decentralized finance and supporter of innovations.  

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