Helena Ross

Helena Ross

Helena Ross is a crypto, financial journalist based in London. She is a believer in decentralized finance and supporter of innovations.  


The New Metaverse Presented On CryptoWorldCon 2022

Visionary and disruptive holding company UMetaWorld presented by the founder Daniele Marinelli at CryptoWorldCon

Users Need a Strict, Impartial and Godless Search Algorithm

Dima Starodubtsev, the creator of Cyber, explains how search engines are evolving and why users need a decentralized search engine

How a Person From the Countryside Turned Into a Serial Entrepreneur And Investor

Evgeny Kayumov is a business developer who has built various digital projects from the ground up

Here's How Decentralized Finance Is Being Redefined

Nimbus is launching a new DeFi Ecosystem that provides users with access to IPOs, startup financing, P2P lending and other opportunities that are currently not even possible in fiat money for common people

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