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Modern Leaders Reforming the Wellness and Healthcare Space Recognizing the general lack of progress at the public level, private sector companies have started to step up to take health and wellness progress into their own hands

By Thomas Herd

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Each election cycle, politicians at every level—from Donald Trump to congressmen nationwide to local city councils—emphasize the need to reform the wellness and healthcare industries.

Yet, we can all agree that very little in the way of progress seems to ever transpire in the public sector, causing health and wellness reform to become a repeat issue nearly every single election cycle.

Fortunately, however, in recognizing the general lack of progress at the public level, private sector companies have started to step up to take health and wellness progress into their own hands.

As a result of these modern reformers, patients, doctors, patients and health-conscious consumers are now benefitting and the system is getting more transparent, functional and efficient.

Let's meet some of these mavericks cleaning up our health and wellness industries.

Prescribers Choice in Healthcare

A notable private sector healthcare company that has stepped up to fulfil a major gap in the healthcare space is the custom drug manufacturer Sincerus Pharmaceuticals led by entrepreneur Spencer Mallkin.

In seeing how plagued the dermatology field was by big pharma reimbursement issues on medicines (where drugs that patients need are often far overpriced, leaving patients without proper treatment), Malkin launched Sincerus Pharmaceuticals to legally manufacture tailored medicines that correlate with the highest usage needs for the patients as prescribed by dermatologists.

Further, the Sincerus Pharmaceuticals' medications can be customized based upon physician preference.

Through the customization process, Sincerus Pharmaceuticals has the ability to alter potency, select the vehicle, and modify or remove the inactive ingredients found in commercially available medications that are known allergens or irritants.

In this manner, Sincerus Pharmaeceuticals has been able to offer a new genre of agile, individualized medicines directly to doctors—who could then provide these effective formulas right on the spot—to patients.

Not only did the agile solution pioneered by Sincerus Pharmaceuticals cut out the middlemen players such as wholesale distributors, PBMs and pharmacies—making the right medicines more accessible—it also circumvented all the mark-ups the traditional supply chain adds to the cost of medicine, making effective drugs much more affordable.

As a matter of fact, Sincerus Pharmaceuticals' turnkey solution is a game-changer for the healthcare industry.

Sincerus Pharmaeceuticals has been able to stop the negative vortex around price inflation and unwanted prescription substitutions, and its daughter companies Prescribers Choice and Sincerus Florida have been able to open thousands of accounts across the nation which carry transparency, lower costs and more trustworthiness.

Live Ultimate In Wellness

With health and wellness products in rising demand in today's world, Florida-based innovator Live Ultimate is transforming the space with its best-in-class, organic superfood-infused supplements and natural skincare collection and empowering home-based business model.

Live Ultimate is a network marketing company purposefully designed for the modern entrepreneur.

Renowned in the field for its "True North' mission for uncompromising standards, Live Ultimate specializes in organic plant-based, whole food supplements and natural skincare products, the latter of which has been certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the most respected watchdog authority dedicated to protecting health and the environment.

Utilizing USDA-certified organic, immune-strengthening ingredients, the brand's Ultimate Elixir boasts powerful, nutrient-rich superfoods and supergreens, while its Ultimate Shrooms combines eight mushroom fruiting bodies sourced from all over the world to boost the body's defenses. All ingredients are GMO free, 100 per cent raw, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan and Kosher certified. With their products backed by the most reputable wellness experts, and addressing the growing desire to find a successful home-based business, Live Ultimate has created an attractive, fully scalable and easy-entry business for entrepreneurs searching for their next venture.

"At Live Ultimate, our wellness ambassadors can launch their own business without the costs, risks and overhead usually associated with starting from scratch," says Marc Wachter, Live Ultimate's founder and CEO. "We offer a turn-key opportunity with all of the tools, technology and training built in."

Live Ultimate has succeeded by eschewing the deceptive model of inventory loading, high-priced/low-quality products and misleading sales tactics that hindered old network marketing companies. Instead, the transparent company authentically spreads its mission, growth strategy and sales via social media and influencers. In today's digital age, word of mouth means that Live Ultimate's wellness ambassadors are able to create leverage by marketing directly to their followers/connections and adding them to their team organically. By using the latest e-commerce technology and virtual training sessions, Live Ultimate's salesforce can thrive quickly.

"Now is the optimal time to help people with their health and finances simultaneously, and the Live Ultimate opportunity offers both," adds Wachter. With these goals in mind, Live Ultimate has positioned itself as a wellness business built especially for the 21st Century entrepreneur.

Pink Lotus Elements In Functional Healthcare and Wellness

A major market-disruptor taking on the cancer recovery space and establishing a new gold standard in patient/consumer recovery is women's breast cancer online platform and one stop-shop Pink Lotus Elements.

While most of the consumer-facing breast cancer space is cluttered by pink awareness campaigns and gimmicky products that do little to further a woman's recovery, co-founder of the Pink Lotus brand Andy Funk recognized that this empty noise was both a distraction and impediment to breast cancer patients seeking actual recovery, and decided to launch a truly functional online store to provide real (measurable) support.

Thus, Pink Lotus' offspring—Pink Lotus Elements—was launched as an online shopping destination where pink gimmicks are replaced by functionality and results.

The underlying mission—to develop products that specifically address the concerns of utmost importance to the general women's health community and for patients in need of reliable solutions after a breast cancer diagnosis—helped circumvent the clutter and brought patients (whose lives were often on the line) directly to the source of treatment or recovery support they needed.

As a bi-product of its high efficacy, consumers can trust that Pink Lotus Elements will only offer them market gold-standards products.

The company's supplement line—as a matter of principal—is formulated only with natural, non-GMO and vegan ingredients sourced from five continents and manufactured in best-of-class manufacturing facilities in the US. While profitability is an essential component to every business, formulation and ingredient decisions are made first and foremost after carefully considering clinical data and scientific evidence, and how every single ingredient can enhance and further a woman's wellbeing.

Demand has sprung for the brand, and some of their bestselling products address health concerns that now go well beyond the sphere of breast cancer. Primrose Pain Buster provides a drug-free solution to breast pain and PMS discomfort, while Saffrony supports emotional health and mood balance as demonstrated in multiple published clinical studies. For the estimated 40 per cent of Americans with an MTHFR mutation or variation, and also for the millions of women (and men) who enjoy a regular drink, Cosmo Companion delivers a comprehensive methylfolate formulation that protects against the negative health effects of alcohol.

Pink Lotus Elements' innovations transcend the breast cancer space and with each product release, the company continues to set new performance standards for different verticals in healthcare.

As such, we recommend joining the Pink Lotus Elements newsletter to stay ahead of the game.

Thomas Herd is an American Entrepreneur and a pioneer of quantifiable digital marketing. He is the CEO of T1 Advertising and a consultant to Forbes Monaco.


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