This Digital Creator Is Turning His Passion Into Film and Literature

Entrepreneur Graham Michael Byers has found his true calling in helping other entrepreneurs through his Prince of Puerto Rico Blog, which he plans to follow up with a book, reality show, and a Netflix-style documentary

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By Zayn Khan

Zayn Khan
Graham Michael Byers

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Graham Michel Byers may be called the Prince of Puerto Rico now, but before Thrive Global magazine dubbed him so, Byers was just another entrepreneur trying to make a living in Los Angeles. While Byers and his business partner would regularly brainstorm business ideas to make money online, they never quite found any success. At least at first.

Through copious amounts of diligence and resilience, Byers had a much-deserved breakthrough working with e-commerce and sold his first company, only a few months after graduating college. A feat not easy for even the most adept entrepreneurs. Maintaining that momentum, Byers kept his ear to the ground and paid special attention to trends and tax incentives for business owners, searching for the ultimate edge to maximize his business ventures.

Then one day as if the planets were all aligned, Destiny decided to give Byers a call through his business partner who approached him with an ambitious plan to move and set up shop in Puerto Rico. Byers knew that Puerto Rico had recently began offering incredible tax incentives for those willing to relocate to the island and once he dug a little deeper into all the benefits that conducting business in Puerto Rico would offer, the decision was a no brainer.

Byers and his business partner relocated to the island and the rest was history. Byers not only found success, but fell in love with the island, its culture, food, and people. Through this newfound lust for life, Byers decided to create his Prince of Puerto Rico Blog where he not only gives valuable information to likeminded entrepreneurs wishing to move their business to Puerto Rico, but also covers everything they need to know about life on the island and its inhabitants.

"This is my legacy project. I love sharing Puerto Rico with the world. I love meeting brilliant people who want the most from life and working together to all go to the next level. My goal with this blog is to go from blog to book, from book to TV show, from TV show to documentary, and from documentary to whatever next biggest platform I can use to share my story to motivate, inspire, and hopefully connect with you." - Byers

The blog ultimately led Byers to find his purpose and passion in life through helping people believe in themselves and realize that there is so much more to life than what we have been told. Rather than promoting his personal business, Byers now prefers to focus on his passion: living the dream in Puerto Rico and helping others achieve the same thing.

While the blog has proven to be successful and an invaluable tool for any entrepreneur, Byers plans to take his knowledge and experience to the next level by turning it into a book, documentary, and reality TV show. A true businessman at heart, these new mediums will put Byers' passion on a universal stage, allowing anyone and everyone to learn from the Prince himself.

Zayn Khan
Zayn khan is working as a personal branding and business growth specialist with brands and individuals around the globe. He's contributing editor for Entrepreneur AP, covering startups, wealth management, entrepreneurship and more

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