Redefining the Trading Landscape With This Hedge-Fund Backed Proprietary Trading Firm Tradiac takes a unique solution to the critical question of how traders can access capital via funded trader trading programs

By Saurabh Singla

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In the dynamic world of financial markets, aspiring traders face a dual challenge that can make or break their journey into the markets. The first hurdle is to be consistent and develop a winning plan—a complex process that demands time, skill, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. However, for those who overcome this initial obstacle, a second, equally daunting question emerges: how do they secure the necessary funds to amplify their success in the financial markets?

Tradiac takes a unique solution to the critical question of how traders can access capital: via funded trader trading programs. The main idea is to give buyers the ability to get more money without going through the difficult and stressful process of trading with personal or family funds.

Michael Buchbinder, one of the founders of Tradiac, has an extremely personal experience where the brokerage he was trading family funds with went under and lost all of the funds. The funded trader model not only safeguards traders from potentially devastating losses to capital and heartbreak but also reshapes the narrative around pursuing a career in trading and helping the average individual access larger amounts of trading capital.

"The most difficult part for individual traders is securing the capital needed to trade full-time. At Tradiac, we aim to remove this hurdle, giving our traders the opportunity to maximize their potential." -Michael Buchbinder, Co-Founder of Tradiac.

From idea to innovation

Tradiac commenced operations in May 2023, rooted in an idea conceived in London in November 2022. Founded by a team with over 50 years of experience in FX and trading, the program aims to revolutionize how traders secure funding during their startup phase.

The concept of the business collaboration originated from a pivotal meeting in November 2022. The founder, already well-connected in finance, gained insights from John, a hedge fund owner and a client of Michael's trading company.

John invested seed amounts in FX traders through different brokerages, searching for that one diamond in the rough. This approach coincided with the rise of funded trader programs, where traders pay for the opportunity to manage larger funds, thus having a personal stake in their success. This allows John to meet thousands of traders a year vs only a handful. Utilizing John's team's expertise, we developed strategies based on trading data, integrating this into the fund's broader strategy.

"We've been monitoring the space and we haven't seen very much differentiation across the brands and saw an opportunity to bring some creativity to a rapidly growing vertical within the industry. We've made the rules much simpler. We've created different trading tracks for different risk profiles, instead of squeezing all traders into one risk profile. Not to mention we are in partnership with a hedge fund, so we are well-capitalized to pay out traders without any worries. Keep an eye out as we continue to innovate and lead the space forward." Michael Buchbinder highlights.

Tradiac unveiled

Tradiac is different from other companies because it has a strategic partnership with a hedge fund, bringing decades of experience to an industry in its infancy. What makes Tradiac even more unique is its pool of capital set aside for payouts. This pool is refilled by profits from the fund, fees earned from signups, and when and if needed, reserves from wealthy investors in the fund.

When you look into the Tradiac program, you'll find a lot of unique selling points. Unlike rivals with two or three assessment stages, Tradiac only has one assessment stage, which speeds up getting funded. Tradiac also stands out because of its prices. For example, their $10,000 plan starts at a reasonable $95, which differs greatly from other offers in the same field.

Furthermore, Tradiac distinguishes itself by eschewing additional charges for extras. Their comprehensive plan incorporates all essential elements without any additional costs. Additionally, Tradiac stands out for its flexibility, offering users a range of risk and drawdown levels (10% to 30%).

There are many great things about this funded trader program, including an enormous 90% profit split, the freedom to trade the news, the ability to hold deals overnight and on weekends, and the ability to scale up to $1 million.

Another way Tradiac shows its dedication to traders' success is its customer service, which is praised as excellent. The platform's flexibility is further emphasized by a simple sign-up process focusing on speed from the start to the payment. There are a lot of companies in the market, but Tradiac stands out because it is dedicated to new ideas, comfort, and helping traders.

"By emphasizing transparency and trust, Tradiac seeks to reshape the prop trading industry," said Buchbinder. "We want our traders to feel confident that they will get paid out when they are successful, with our financial backing and experienced team able to hedge the data and build profitable strategies around it."

The bottom line

For those navigating the intricate landscape of funded trading programs, Tradiac becomes a beacon of hope, offering a clear career trajectory in an industry where opportunities can be elusive without the proverbial golden ticket of a position within a financial institution. Tradiac encapsulates the essence of the trading spirit, an undeniable passion for the markets, and an unwavering desire for financial freedom.

Saurabh Singla

Founder & CEO,

Saurabh Singla, Founder, and CEO of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, & Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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