Three Tips You Need To Learn Today If You Want To Succeed In the Financial Markets In 2022 Blackbury Capital, an insight into Australia's leading FX trading company that is changing the way people trade

By John Stanly

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Learning to trade in the financial markets is fast gaining traction to earn a living, and it has paved the way for many to make an uncapped income as traders buy and sell on the exchanges. It has also become an essential instrument for economic health, especially for those who desire stability for their financial future.

Blackbury Capital is a proprietary trading firm in Australia founded by Jay Piggin. Jay is renowned as a top trader in Australia, who generates over $100,000 per week. Andrew Bailey is senior manager of the firm and Jay's "right-hand man" who oversees all operations from sales and marketing while also mentoring students. He has played a significant part in building the Blackbury Capital mentorship programme.

Together, Jay and Andrew teach people to master financial independence by learning how to beat the financial markets consistently. Here are three tips you can learn from Blackbury Capital today if you'd like to improve your trading success rate.

#1: Have trading rules and methodologies

When it comes to trading processes at Blackbury Capital, they are highly meticulous. Jay shares, "We have a particular set of trade rules that we adhere to, and we have a set daily routine that we follow religiously each day leading up to our trading sessions. We always make sure that we are in or as close to a peak state of mind as possible when we arrive at the charts each day, we trade at the same time each day, we put ourselves in a position to capitalize on every possible advantage that is available to us."

#2: You are a product of your thoughts, learn psychological trading techniques

The Blackbury Capital team teaches you the advanced psychological techniques that allow traders to trade forex at an elite level profitably. The team shares, "Developing the ability to shut your emotions off almost instantaneously is something we will be spending much time on as this will significantly improve your chances of achieving financial independence as a professional FX trader."

#3: Be an early adopter, diversify to cryptocurrency and NFTs

Students will have real-time access to Jay's cryptocurrency, NFT, and digital real estate portfolio, resulting in month-on-month returns over the past 24 months.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow our students to make brilliant short-term and long-term decisions in the cryptoverse and metaverse ecosystems before 99.5 per cent of the world's population catches on," Jay shares.

There is currently a vast window of opportunity for everyone to capitalize on one of history's most prominent financial opportunities, as we shift from the broken financial system to the new quantum financial system. The magnitude of this opportunity is unbound, so the team at Blackbury Capital stays committed to helping as many people as possible reach financial independence.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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